Call to Ensure Service Provision for Survivors of in Tigray sent to Pramila Patten



Marking International Women’s Day 2022, sixteen women’s organizations from across the world sent a letter to the office of the United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, H.E. Pramila Patten.

The letter cited UN resolutions, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (S/RES/1325) on Women, Security, and Peace and international conventions like the Geneva Convention of 1949 to request a response to the humanitarian blockade imposed by the federal government on Tigray.

More particularly the letter focused on the urgent needs of survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence which has been extensively documented by human rights organizations which are not being met because of the devastation of the Tigrayan health care system and lack of access to basic healthcare supplies in Tigray as a result of the siege. In light of this signatories called for:

●      The UNSC to put into effect Resolutions 1325 and 1820 to ensure unfettered humanitarian access and protection for the women and girls of Tigray from egregious human rights violations and sexual violence still ongoing in the Tigrayan territories that remain occupied by Amhara and Eritrean Forces

●      Concerted commitment by the international community to end the devastating siege and humanitarian blockade imposed by the Ethiopian government and ensure the  restoration of services including health care and psychosocial support for survivors of CRSV

●      Urgent and unfettered humanitarian access to all parts of Tigray to reach the civilian population of Tigray, 83% of whom are currently facing acute food insecurity with more than 1 million people in active famine

●      Prioritization of Tigray in the enactment of the recommendations listed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations (United Nations, 2022) specifically in regard to ensuring adequate funding for comprehensive and quality multisectoral assistance and protection for survivors of CRSV and children.

●      Urge respect for International Humanitarian Law by all parties to the conflict and support efforts toward ceasefire

The full text of the letter can be found below:


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  1. A humanitarian corridor for Tigray and all those in need

    March 11, 2022 at 8:02 pm

    ፌክ ኒውሥ ምቕራብ ዝለመዱ ጸረ ተጋሩ አክቲቪስትታት ሕጅውን ከም ልማዶም ተጋሩ ካብ ትግራይ ተሰዲዶም ናብ ከተማታትና ዓዲ አምሓራ የዓትዉለው ይሎም ብተፈላለየ ይቱበራት የርእዩና አለዉ፥፥እዞም ብሚዲያ ዝቐርቡ ዘለዉ ስደተኛታት ብሥሩ ተጋሩ አይኮኑን፥፥ክልተ አመክንዮ ምቕራብ ይከዓልዩ ፡ሐደ ሠራዊትብልፅግናን ፋኖን ካብ ጎንደር ን ካብ ተፈላለዩ ከተማታትአምሓራ(ጋምቤላን ሀዊሥካ) ንብ ትግራይ አግዒዞም መሬትን ሀብትን ተጋሩ ሒዞም ዝቐነዩ አምሓሩ እዮም ፥ቲዲኤፍ ናብ ሑመራ ምሥአተወ ምሕዳም ጀሚሮም ማለት እዩ፥ካልኣይ ካኧ ካብ አምሓሩ ዝዉለዱ ተቐማጦ መሬት ትግራይ አምሓሩ እዮም አርባዕተ ነጥቢ፥ብዚከምዚ ዓይነት አምሓርኛ አክሰንት፥ህውሃት ዘረፈኝ፥ግፍ ፈፀመብኝ ፥ብልፅግና ፋኖ ይሻለኛል ዝብል ትግራዋይ የለን፥ቪዲዮን ፕሮፓጋንዳ አምሓራ ልሂቃን ክሰማማዓሎም አይከዓለን፥፥ሀሸዉቲ ከምቀደሞም ከምልማዶም ፦፦ትግራይ ትሥዕር፦፦ It is absolutely faible attempt made to influence our emotions and views and their redundant propagnada still remains futile and unsuccessful. AS you all knew it, all these fabrications are made one after the other with satanic vision of satifying their ego when they are not capable of subjugating people of Tigray using their lethal weapons -hunger and immported genocdal weapons.

    Irrespective of twists and turns we faced so far, Tigray is still prevailing, and it will prevail forever,God willing, inshallah,so Gott will,Si Dieu le veut, Deo volente!!AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

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