The Government of Tigray’s Stance on a Peaceful Resolution of the Current Conflict  



Today, September 11, 2022, Ethiopians in and outside the country are celebrating the advent of  the New Year. It is the Government of Tigray’s solemn desire to see Ethiopians in general and the  people of Tigray in particular to no longer hear the sound of gunfire, the blockade of essential  services and humanitarian aid, and associated pain and suffering. 

To that end, the Government of Tigray is prepared to participate in a robust peace process under  the auspices of the African Union (AU). Furthermore, we are ready to abide by an immediate and  mutually agreed cessation of hostilities in order to create a conducive atmosphere. Indeed, the  Government of Tigray has repeatedly called for, and worked towards, the peaceful resolution of  the current conflict. The Government of Tigray’s prior unilateral compliance with the cessation of  hostilities is a case in point. 

We expect a credible AU-led peace process. This peace process will also include mutually  acceptable mediators; international observers who will help the parties build mutual trust, instill  confidence in the peace process, and support and oversee the implementation of commitments;  and international experts to provide necessary guidance and advice on the integrity of the peace  process. We are convinced that only through peaceful dialogue can we achieve a lasting solution  to this tragic conflict. 

Following a cessation of hostilities, the next step is to finalize a comprehensive negotiated  ceasefire, and an all-inclusive political dialogue to resolve issues underlying the current conflict. 

The Government of Tigray has set up a negotiation team ready to be deployed without delay. This  team, which includes Getachew Reda and Gen. Tsadkan Gebretinsae has already been given the  mandate to represent the Government of Tigray in future negotiations. 

In the spirit of our New Year and a fresh start, let us end the fighting, give peace a chance and start  on a path towards peace and prosperity.  

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  1. mezgebe

    September 12, 2022 at 9:09 am

    “Unilateral ceasefire & peace negotiation” have used as a weapon to continue the two years old war on the Tigray people.Now its taken home as same as the weaponaries.

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