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Tigray claims victory over enemy forces on three fronts on the war on Tigray



Tigray TV, sourcing the spokesperson for the Tigrayan Defense Forces, Gebre Gebretsadiq, broke news that Tigray has achieved significant victory over the marching enemy forces on three fronts: Adwa, Edaga Hamus, and Southern front. It also announced a call to the Tigrayan people to apprehend and finish the defeated and now dispersing forces before they can regroup.

According to the TV, the enemy force at Adwa front consisted of 6 divisions coming from Western Tigray, Adwa and Gerhu Sernay. The divisions, the TV said, are Eritrean infantry divisions of 26,28, 53, Eritrean mechanized divisions 46 and 48, and one Abiy Ahmed’s division. The enemy force on this front sustained a heavy damage and is dispersing, it said.

The enemy force on the Edaga Hamus front consisted of 8 Eritrean infantry divisions of 61, 19, 27,11,17,39,36,29, an Eritrean commando division 525, and Eritrean mechanized divisions 49 and 42. The TV said the battle is still going on here, but Tigrayan Defense Forces have inflicted heavy damage on the enemy force.

On the southern front, the TV said, the enemy force has sustained a huge defeat at Gereb Agew and has fled southward. On this front, The TV said, two tanks, a big truck full of ammunitions and food, a pickup, a dozer from the enemy force have been burned by Tigrayan Defense Forces.

The TV said that 18 Eritrean divisions are taking part on the war on Tigray. It added that Abiy Ahmed who has allowed 18 divisions of a foreign country to invade Tigray has no right to talk about Ethiopia.

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