This is a list of facilities, industries, buildings, cultural heritages, and infrastructures that have been destroyed, looted, burned, or damaged by the invading forces in the war on Tigray.

1Almeda TextileTextile FactoryAdwaBurned, destroyed and looted1, 2
It is a one of EFFORT companies. Check its website
2Saba Dimensional Stones PLCMarble, granite, limestone production companyAdwaLootedIt is a one of EFFORT companies. Website.
3Addis Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical FactoryAdigratdestroyed and looted1, 2Company profile, see 1, and 2
4Adigrat UniversityPublic UniversityAdigratLootedIt is one of the public universities in Tigray. Wikipedia.
5Goda Bottle and Glass Factory Manufacturing plantAdigratLooted
6Zenith Hair Oil FactoryHair oil factoryShireBurned, destroyed, and looted1, 2
7Axum AirportAirportAxumBombed1It is an airport serving Axum, a city in the northern part of Tigray.
8Axum UniversityPublic UniversityAxumLootedIt is one of the public universities in Tigray. Website.
9Al-Nejashi MosqueMosqueNegash, WukroDamaged and looted.1It is believed to be the oldest mosque in Africa.
10Welkait Sugar FactorySugar FactoryWelkaitBombedIt is a sugar factory found in Welkait, Tigray.
11Yeha MonasteryHistorical MonasteryYehaLooted by the Eritrean soldiers.1A historical monastery.
12Cherkos ChurchChurchFredashum, GuloMekedaBurned down by the Eritrean forces1, 2An Orthodox Christian Church found in Zalambessa.
13Semayata Dimensional Stones FactoryStones FactoryWukroDestroyed and looted by the Eritrean soldiers.1A dimensional Stones factory found in Wukro, Tigray.
14Debre DamoMonasteryAdigratDestroyed and looted by the Eritrean soldiers.1, 2A 6th-century monastery in Adigrat, Tigray.
15Qheretsa Mariam MonasterySamreAir bombed by the Ethiopian soldiersWitnessA historical monastery in the districts of Samre.
16Inda MariamChurchAdi DairoShelledTghat
17Inda Abune AregawiChurch Adi DairoDamaged from shellingTghat
18Inda Medhanealem Church Gu’etelo, Gulomekeda
19Rahya Elementary School School Fredashum, GuloMekedaBurned down
20Fredashum Health Post Health Post Fredashum, GuloMekedaVandalized
21Selekhlekha Elementary SchoolSchoolSeleKhlekhaBurned downTghat
21Selekhlekha Secondary SchoolSchoolSeleKhlekhaBurned downTghat
22Beles Elementary and Secondary School Schoolaround selekhlekhaBurned downTghat
23Zban Gedena Secondary SchoolSchoolSehraroBurned downTghat
24Jira Health Care Unithealth facilitydestroyed and vandalizedDW
25Adiftaw health post health facilityNear Aksum Looted and partially detroyedMSF
26Sebeya health center health facility Eastern TigrayDestroyedMSF
27Samre Health Centerhealth facilitySamre, Southern Tigraylooted and vandalized Kindeya Gebrehiwe [1, 2]
28Alamata Recreation Center BuildingRecreational facilityAlamatalooted, vandalized, damagedTigray TV was built with 25 million. Amhara forces caused the destruction.
29DBL Industrial ParkTextile Factory Kwiha, Tigray destroyed and looted. Tigray TV It was owned by Bangledashi investors. The head says the damage is estimated at about 12 million US dollars.