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Letting Abiy Ahmed and his allies organize humanitarian assistance for Tigray and Tigrayans would mean giving them additional weapons against Tigrayans



The Abiy Ahmed junta is positioning itself as one that will manage humanitarian assistance to Tigray and Tigrayans through its ministry of “peace”. This would be wrong for several reasons.

First, @AbiyAhmedAli, Amhara and Eritrean forces are the invading and enemy forces for the Tigrayan people . They are bent on exterminating Tigrayans.

Second, it is the Abiy junta that has sealed the Tigrayan people denying them access to humanitarian assistance or any other service. It has cut off internet, telephone and electricity lines to Tigray. Toads have been blocked for more than two years. The Amhara forces are indiscriminately massacring Tigrayns in Western Tigray.

Third, I believe that Abiy Ahmed Ali and his accomplices would use humanitarian assistance as a weapon against the Tigrayan people. I, for one, believe, Abiy Ahmed, Amhara forces and Isaias can not even hesitate to poison food to finish the Tigrayans off. It is important to remember that Isaias blocked the route to Sudan for Tigrayan refugees fleeing the 1984/5 Ethiopian civil war and famine. The Amharas forces and Isaias believe that exterminating Tigrayans is right. They would therefore naturally use any weapon at their disposal. Ethiopia is not new to using humanitarian assistance as a weapon against Tigrayans. In 1984/5 the military junta, which can be described as more benign than the Abiy Ahmed junta, used humanitarian aid as a weapon against Tigrayans. A good description of this can be found in a Human Rights Watch report of that time, “Evil Days: 30 YEARS OF WAR AND FAMINE IN ETHIOPIA”

Letting these forces manage humanitarian assistance to Tigrayans would be irresponsible; it would mean giving additional weapons of mass destruction to a dangerous and reckless junta. Humanitarian assistance should be managed and organized by the Tigrayan government that the Tigrayan people themselves elected. Where that does not work, humanitarian assistance should be organized through local NGOs such as the Relief Society of Tigray in partnership with international humanitarian organizations.

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