The shelling of a Tigrayan church (footage)

The shelling of a Tigrayan church (footage)

The footage, recorded with a smart phone from a distance, shows  Amanuel Orthodox church being shelled. The church is situated atop a hill near the famous Negash (al-Nejashi) mosque which has also been attacked and damaged.

According to the person who recorded the footage, the church was shelled by artillery fired by tanks on November 24, 2020. The church was, the person added, shelled 17 times, but not all of them hit their target, some landing on the hill. The person also added that the shelling was done by the Eritrean army, which he said he saw in close range. In the video, one voice is heard saying “Medhane Alem Adi Kesho has also been shelled”.

The invading armies have deliberately targeted Tigrayan religious sites. The most gruesome massacres are also committed in churches, as the massacres in Mariam Dengelat church and Mariam Tsion of Aksum showed.

Reports indicate churches are the main massacre sites. Their valuable properties are also looted. But they are also shelled and destroyed. In a recent interview Father Sereke Berhan from Australia did with another religious father from Tigray, churches in all parts of Tigray have been shelled, looted and plundered. He mentioned Debre Damo, Debre Abay in western Tigray, churches in Atsbi, churches in Hawzen and churches in many other places. The interviewee also added that he counted 70 priests that have been killed. He also said the Eritrean soldiers deliberately urinate on the Tigrayan churches while the faithful are there.

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  1. zagol

    TPLF is destroying Tigray! PLEASE HELP!

    They involved us in this war and we are paying the price.
    TPLF apologists are party to this devastation!
    Please help Tigray!

  2. Evan

    Ita a fake news to propongate the world. First Tplf suppose to listen the federal government rules since Tplf know that a war has some ny atrocities .once the war started it’s nonsense to talk but help the injured. Instead .don’t try to betray Ethiopia again ..please

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    So sad😭😭😭😭

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    So sad 🥺 my heartbroken 😭

  5. Tekleweyni kahsay

    So sad 🥺

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