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Tigray bureau of agriculture says 2.5 billion dollars needed for Tigray’s agricultural recovery



In a 12 March 2021 letter addressed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources, the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Interim Tigray Administration says 102.5 billion ETB (2.5 billion USD) is needed for the recovery of the lives of Tigrayan farmers in the agricultural season of 2021.

The letter says since crops and animals in most rural areas have been looted or destroyed, farmers who constitute 80% of the Tigrayan population are left without food, seed, oxen and farm tools. The Bureau says it has a developed an emergency and recovery plan for the 2021 agricultural season to restore farmers’ livelihoods with the provision of emergency seeds, and animal health facilities and feed. The Bureau says a 2.5 billion USD is needed for this.

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