Statement from the Government of Tigray on the Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

Statement from the Government of Tigray on the Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

Editor’s note: This is a re-post of a statement from the Government of Tigray issued on August 08, 2021. We at Tghat have taken the liberty to correct some typos on the original statement.

The war waged by Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afewerki and Amhara expansionist forces against the people of Tigray has continued to cause a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. The occupying forces have systematically destroyed agricultural produce, slaughtered livestock, and left agricultural implements and water irrigation schemes looted or damaged, while soldiers of invading forces prevented farmers from plowing their land.

In the aftermath of the military defeat of the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces at the hands of the Tigray forces, the Ethiopian regime has chosen to continue the war against Tigray by other means, with the regime imposing a blockade on Tigray that has discontinued all public services. The blockade has included electricity, communication, banking services, fuel and all forms of transport in or out of Tigray.

The blockade of essential services has made it impossible for aid organisations to perform their job.The fuel embargo has made delivery of food aid impossible, aid organizations and UN Agencies are unable to access cash or establish any form of telephone and internet communication within or outside Tigray. Aid convoys are routinely obstructed on their way to Tigray, and, as a result, delivery of emergency assistance is limited to only a very small fraction of what is needed, and people are dying due to lack of food and other supplies. We would like to emphasize that Abiy’s regime has not only failed in its responsibility to support aid workers in their important work to save the lives of Ethiopian civilians but has been deliberately sabotaging their operations and endangering their personnel. Abiy Ahmed has also regrettably decided to suspend the humanitarian works of MSF and NRC, whose activities had been invaluable in addressing the humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

The humanitarian crisis manufactured by the government of Ethiopia is currently assuming a more dangerous form. The killing of innocent civilians and dumping of their bodies into the Tekeze River is a case in point. The wholesale imprisonment, confiscation of property and closure of Tigrean owned businesses all over Ethiopia is an all too familiar and dangerous sign of genocide.

The Government of Tigray would like to once again request the unfettered delivery of emergency assistance by air and the opening of all possible humanitarian corridors – including a corridor through western Tigray – that allows for the safe and fast delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need not only in Tigray but also to parts of the Afar and Amhara regions currently under the control of our forces.

Lastly, the government of Tigray would like to once more thank the international community for generously helping the Tigray people in their time of need and hope that it will continue to play its part in addressing the hurdles laid by Abiy’s regime in the way of accessing those in need of emergency assistance.

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