Open letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations

Open letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations

Mr. Antonio Guterres, 

Secretary General 

United Nations

October, 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Guterres,

I am writing this letter inspired by personal responsibility to care for humanity, and an immense empathy I carry in my whole being every single day when I hear and see the human suffering in Tigray and elsewhere in Ethiopia. The siege against humanity in Tigray has gone beyond any acceptable level of politics. It should not be allowed to continue beyond this. The unwarranted and irresponsible act of putting siege on Tigray coupled with all-rounded destruction exacted on the region by Eritrean and Ethiopian armies plus Amhara forces has created a humanitarian catastrophe of shockingly new proportions.

The dehumanization of Tigrayans by Ethiopian government, its affiliate media, including through the co-opting of religious leaders, their platforms and through all other means has evolved to a clarion call for genocide. The UN and the whole global community has to defend its values and stop the genocide being implemented through the man-made famine and deprivation of all life-saving supplies. Stopping the man-made fine is a litmus test to the vision of global humanity-based responsibility shared by the UN and its organs. If the UN fails in this endeavor, the hope of civilization will be rendered useless, inspiring all people in the world not to expect anything from any global system but to take their future into their own hands. The moral leadership and overall usefulness of the UN, AU and other global institutions is being deeply tested. 

Can the world prevent this obvious systematic, direct and indirect genocide against people of Tigray origin? Or will the UN just allow the war and genocide to go on? Can our conscience be closed while we watch passively this genocide consume people in Tigray?

Your Excellency, 

I am writing to you on behalf of the children, mothers and the sick in Tigray since they have no means to talk to you. I do this without fear of contradiction from the side of Tigray people. Listen to the agony of emaciated children in Tigray, feel it, understand it from the core of a shared humanity point of view and its essence – humans need care and acts of love when they are in need. As the moral leader of the human family, you ought to listen to not only what is spoken and the lies of political leaders but to the people in Tigray and others in a similar situation. 

I would like to believe that the moral duty of your chair is to prevent and alleviate human sufferings as well as promote the rights and dignity of all. Therefore,  come and  see Tigray. Travel with a convoy of humanitarian aid and talk to the children and mothers on the ground, visit hospitals and talk to mothers. Who else do they have apart from you? You are the big father of all people. Yes, your office is a political one but also a moral one. This is an extraordinary time and it calls for an extraordinary act from you. Follow Djibouti-Afar-Tigray or just by all means visit Tigray with humanitarian aid and along the way broker peace. The act will uplift you as a moral leader, UN with you, and you will inspire hope among the global victims of war and other man-made problems. It is also my wish that the suffering of victims of war and violence in Afar, Amhara, Benishangul, Oromia, of Ethiopia and all other parts of the world get attention and solidarity – it is all about shared  humanity.

Your Excellency, 

The pretext about national ‘sovereignty’ or ‘internal issue’ by the Ethiopian government is bogus. The humanity in Tigray has natural rights beyond any national sovereignty or saving the Ethiopian government’s face. Without human rights of citizens, without respecting sovereignty of citizens, the national sovereignty question stands devoid of its value, and is hypocrisy of highest order; thus, not applicable. So, saving lives is higher sovereignty. The UN has to protect the sovereignty of civilian population when they are suffocated to death in the name of sovereignty. 

I hope you read this letter, visit Tigray and wish you success in your work.

Mr. Daniel Tesfay Fidino


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    Mr Gutierrez Please Take Timely Measures And Safe Lives Of Millions. NOW is The Time To Act Not Later,Avoid Blame For Not Doing The Right Thing.

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