Famine as a Weapon of War in Tigray

Famine as a Weapon of War in Tigray

In this episode of Tghat Forum, Teklehaymanot Weldemichel sat down with Teklay Gebremichael to discuss his latest opinion article titled “Inventing hell: How the Ethiopian and Eritrean regimes produced famine in Tigray”.

In the paper and in this discussion, he conclusively argues that 1) both regimes had planned the destruction of Tigray and that there was a degree of coordination and orchestration to their actions 2) the destruction of Tigray was deliberate and systematic with a specific goal – to engender famine – which he argues they have achieved and 3) the international community has either wittingly or unwittingly fell for the tricks of regimes and failed to see the devastation that’s being visited on Tigray. 

He pieces together multiple pieces of incontrovertible evidence – from how the regime effectively ejected Tigray from the financial system, to how both regimes have deliberately destroyed every means of production in Tigray, to how it has imposed a total blockade on Tigray – to make the case that the destruction and famine engendered in Tigray are systematic. 

For more, please read his paper: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/19427786211061431 

Teklai Gebremichael

Writes about Tigray.

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