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Tigray Government on Major General Gebremedhin: the Abiy Regime killed him.



Statement on the Martyrdom of Major General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho)

The Government of Tigray expresses its sorrow at the martyrdom of Major General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho), who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the hand of
the Abiy Ahmed regime on May 2, 2022. General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho) fought for the preservation of national sovereignty, peace, democracy, and overall socioeconomic development by providing prudent leadership starting from a young age until the day of his martyrdom, writing an indelible history along with his comrades in the process. The Government of Tigray sends its condolences to his bereaved family; the people of Tigray; friends and allies of our struggle; and close friends of General Gebremedhin.

General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho) was one of the most highly decorated military leaders produced by the popular struggle of the people of Tigray. General Gebremedhin was an extraordinary public servant and leader, who gave his skills, knowledge and life for the successful completion of tasks and operations assigned by the people and Government of Ethiopia over the 27 years following the end of the Derg regime on May 28, 1991.

Even so, the fascistic Abiy clique, which assumed power through conspiracy and subterfuge, forced heroic freedom fighter General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho), who committed no sin other than honorably serving his people and country, to languish in jail solely on account of his Tigrayan identity, ultimately killing him. It may be a matter of time, but both friends and foes alike should know that the merciless fascistic clique of Abiy Ahmed will be held fully accountable for the murder of Wedi Necho, General Seare Mekonnen, Major General Gezae Abera, and hundreds of senior and low-level officers, and soldiers of Tigrayan identity.

The Government of Tigray demands an independent investigation, to be conducted by an impartial international entity, into the circumstances surrounding the martyrdom of heroic freedom fighter Major General Gebremedhin Fiqadu (Wedi Necho), who gave a lifetime of service to his people and country; the Government of Tigray also calls on the international community to exert sufficient pressure and take appropriate measures to force the release without delay of politicians and soldiers, who, with their Tigrayan identity having been criminalized, are languishing in jail.

Finally, be it in the past or the present, numerous civilian and military leaders as well as ordinary freedom fighters have paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the security and national dignity of Tigray. Nonetheless, the people of Tigray have never succumbed to natural or manmade problems even for an instant. Therefore, the Government of Tigray has no doubt whatsoever that each and every Tigrayan, infused with a renewed sense of urgency, will work towards addressing the multifaceted problems facing our people as well as avenging the loss of all of our heroic martyrs, including the sacrifice of heroic freedom fighter Major General Fiqadu Gebremedhin (Wedi Necho).
Eternal glory to all of our martyrs!
Holding tight the legacy of our martyrs, we will decimate our enemies!
Our survival and security through our strength!
Tigray will prevail!
May 3, 2022

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