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Tigray Opposition Parties: Trading-off Genocide for Geo-Political Interests has a far reaching consequence




The regime in Addis Ababa has continued its genocidal mission on Tigray with the same zeal and passion as ever. It has maintained an iron-grip siege on Tigray without any sign of relief despite repeated calls from different corners to lift it. Tens of thousands of Tigrayans are languishing in Nazi-like concentration camps only because of their Tigrayan identity. A significant number of these Tigrayans are former members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. Despite its gimmick for peace, the regime is still continuing arbitrary arrest of innocent Tigrayans. The regime has also continued to sabotage the flow of humanitarian aid to Tigray using various pretexts. All these are happening in a total disregard to international law, norms and principles. 

We are observing that the genocidal regime in Addis Ababa is talking about resolving the war on Tigray through negotiation. When one takes note of what the regime is doing practically on the ground, there is no point in taking this talk seriously. We see it as another subterfuge with a sinister objective of thawing the pressure that has been mounting on the regime from the international community. 

However, somewhat recently, we are witnessing a sort of comradery with this regime from different members of the international community; such as the World Bank, European Union, Germany and the government of Italy. We strongly believe that the tendency of the international community to trade-off breaches of universal human-right values and international law for geo-political interests will have far reaching harmful consequences in the region and beyond. It is of paramount importance to acknowledge that the interest of any nation cannot be secured by appeasing dictatorship and passively permitting genocide on Tigrayans. 

We, therefore, would like to remind the international community that any form of collaboration with this genocidal regime disregarding the above mentioned facts is tantamount to providing a helping hand to the genocide on Tigray. We hope that the international community will not succumb to the contrivance of the regime in Addis Ababa and will continue to stand firm for the universal values and principles of democracy and human stand firm for the universal values and principles of democracy and human rights.

Mekelle, Tigray 

July 18/2022

Tigray Independence Party (TIP)

National Congress of Greater Tigray (Baytona)

Salsay Weyane Tigray (SaWeT)

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