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Abiy Starts War: Statement from Tigray Military Command



Esteemed people of Tigray:
The enemy, having spent the past five days repositioning troops already stationed on the Southern Front as well as various Amhara Special force divisions, and Wollo fano and militia, has, with the participation of the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s 6. and 8’° infantry commands, and 2., 6. and 8. mechanized divisions, begun an extensive offensive starting this morning at 11 AM on August 24. 2022 in the direction of Chobe Ber, Janora, Gubagala, Yalow, Alamata, Bala and Biso Bcr.

While the offensive on this front is designed as an auxiliary attack to enable the occupation of Southern Tigray, it is well known that the primary offensive is one that starts from Western Tigray. and Western Gondar in the direction of Adyabo. Asgede. and Tselemti.

The enemy, after laying an unprecedented siege to the people of Tigray and committing unimaginable and unforgettable atrocities, and assuming that the people of Tigray, having been severely weakened, can now be finished off through fighting, has intensified the genocidal war on the people of Tigray through its flagrant violation of the cessation of hostilities agreement that had been in place for a few months.

Esteemed children of Tigray:
Tigray’s Military Command would like to make it clear that, if the enemy does not stop the offensive it has begun based on a previously known attack plan, Tigray’s Army is reliably ready to repulse this offensive, and transition into a counteroffensive to liberate occupied sovereign Tigrayan territory and return our displaced people to their homes.

Esteemed people of Ethiopia and political forces:
The people of Tigray have paid staggering sacrifices for a nation they considered their own; they arc not the enemy. Nevertheless, our enemies, intensifying the genocidal assault on the people of Tigray that once considered themselves strong Ethiopians and having exposed them to starvation, diseases and stress, have now begun a military offensive. Be that as it may, Tigray, Military Command calls on you to realize the futility of their plans and stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Tigray as they wage a valiant struggle to ensure their survival as a people.

Tigray Army’s Military Command
August 24, 2022
Tigray will Prevail

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