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“We are headed to mass mortality” Major nutrition program cut in Tigray



Displaced Children in Mekelle, Tigray. Photo Credit Goyteom Gebreegziabher

The Targeted Supplementary Feeding Program (TSFP), which provides nutrition aid to children under five and pregnant or lactating women, has been cut at least in half in Tigray, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the humanitarian response in Tigray and official data from the Nutrition Cluster, viewed by the author. It also appears that the suspension of the nutrition program is nationwide, with the most severe drop occurring in the Somali region. 

According to the Nutrition Cluster data, the new cuts leave more than 96,000 children and pregnant and lactating women in Tigray and nearly 900,000 across Ethiopia, without nutritional support. This latest setback comes at the worst possible time in Tigray, where food aid has been suspended for more than three months. Food assistance has also been suspended elsewhere in Ethiopia, though for a shorter period.   One source with familiarity of the humanitarian conditions in Tigray characterized the impact of this new development, saying “we are headed to mass mortality.

The decrease in nutrition aid confirms Tghat’s coverage from earlier in July, which noted a sharp drop in the distribution of therapeutic food and nutritionally fortified baby formula. This development also contradicts initial statements made by the WFP and USAID claiming that “nutrition assistance to children, pregnant and breastfeeding women… will continue uninterrupted.”

Treatment for the worst cases of malnutrition (severe acute malnutrition or SAM) continues in Tigray, though on a limited scale. As shown in the chart below, in Tigray, fewer children aged five and under were admitted for SAM in May compared to when the food suspension began in March. In contrast, other key regions of Ethiopia admitted slightly more in May, but it is not enough of an increase to offset the impact of the suspension of food and nutrition assistance. 

A graph of a number of patients

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The effects of the aid suspension have already led to hundreds of starvation deaths, which have been reported from every accessible zone of Tigray. According to data shared with the author, deaths among children under care for malnutrition have also increased across the country. This data is particularly alarming because it only includes children who were receiving treatment for SAM at the time of death. Those who die of starvation-related causes outside of a treatment program are not counted in this data. 

Last month, a senior official at the World Food Programme (WFP) indicated that food aid could restart in late July if certain conditions were met, but there have not been any updates of progress towards that end. The WFP and UNOCHA have also declined to publish multiple assessments of the conditions on the ground in Tigray, which forewarned that the aid suspension would lead to starvation-related deaths.

No definitive deadlines have been set for the resumption of food aid in Tigray. More than 90,000 children and pregnant or nursing mothers who are no longer receiving nutritional support will only live for as long as it takes a malnourished human to succumb to sickness or starvation. This is the only timetable that decision-makers at USAID and WFP should be considering. 

The conditions of life for millions in Tigray and throughout Ethiopia are getting more desperate each passing day while food aid is suspended. The recent reduction of nutrition support will only accelerate the onset of mass starvation. The absence of transparency during suspension, which has already resulted in the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of civilians, is highly irregular and alarming. The removal of a critical safety net from underneath hundreds of thousands of those in greatest need of assistance would normally be communicated publicly by aid agencies and local governments in advance to try to generate public support for funding to avert such a crisis. In Tigray, people are starved in silence to allow those who block their access to food aid, either through incompetence, corruption, or as a crime against humanity, to do so with impunity. 

Duke Burbridge was a Senior Research Associate at the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD) for fifteen years where he provided research support for community-based peacebuilding programs in conflict-affected countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, and Colombia. During his time at ICRD, Mr. Burbridge also conducted research on the role of education in radicalization and recruitment into violent extremist groups in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and the role of conservative religious leaders in countering violent extremism in Yemen and North and East Africa. He left the field in 2021 to write a book on reforming outside-led peacebuilding. He has put the book on hold to raise awareness of the genocide taking place in Tigray.

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  1. Expel all supporters of Mahibreseytan and Fanno bishops from Tigray, including bandatat, and safeguard all areas and valuable artifacts to prevent potential threats of arson, theft, and looting

    July 21, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    In Oriental Orthodox churches, like any other Christian denomination, the process of defrocking or removing authority from bishops, cardinals, or any clergy member can vary slightly among different local churches or jurisdictions. However, there are several common conditions under which a cleric may be defrocked or lose their authority:

    1. Canonical Offenses: Defrocking can occur when a clergy member commits canonical offenses, which are violations of the church’s laws and regulations. These offenses may include serious moral transgressions such as murder( genocide committed against Tegaru with complete support from Islamic states like Somalia, Turkey, the UAE, and Eritrea, along with their anti-Christian elements, who slaughtered over 1000 priests in a very small village. ), theft, corruption, or engaging in practices contrary to the church teachings.
    ዋልድባ የማን ነው… እዚህ ቁጭ ብላችሁ ጣላችሁን ከምትጠጡ ግንባር ዘምታችሁ አንድ እፍኝ የማይሞሉ ሰዎችን መደምሰስ አቅቷችሁ ነው …?! He is promoting genocide-mass murder.
    ‘‘… ወያኔ/ሕወሓት ከምድር-ገጽ ብቻ ሳይሆን ከትውልድ አእምሮም ሊሰረዙ ይገባል …’’
    ( የፓርላማ አባል፣ ሙሐዘ ጥበባት ዳንኤል ክብረት-)
    መልከጥፉን በስም ይደግፉ ከምዝብልዎ ነቅኣ ጥበብ ፥ ፍልፍል ጥበብ ፍልጠት ወዘተ ይሎም ይፅውእዎ፣፣ካበይ አምፂእዎ ሽምን ግብርን ዘይተአራረያ ተፈላልየን ህብረት ስኢነንሲ ፥፥ፋኖ ሲኖዶስ ንክብረቶም ኢሎም ከም ሙሓዘ ክህደት ኑፋቄ ፥ነባቤ ቅትለተብሲ አባ መቃርስ ፤ ወ አቶ ክስረት ካብ ሥልጣኖም ከአልይዮም አለዎም ፥፥

    His sinful speech was a call to promote the complete extermination of innocent Tegaru, masking it as an attack against a handful of identified leaders of TPLF.

    (አቡነ መቃርዮስ/ሊቀ ጳጳስ)

    2.Heresy or false doctrine-ጁንታ ከሚገዛን ሰይጣን ቢገዛን ይሻላል!!! ይሄ የሀይማኖት አባት ሊባል ነው የሰይጣን ዉላጅ ? እንደ ልመናቸው እግዚአብሔር ደግሞ ሰይጣን መሪ ሰጣቸው:ሰይጣን ቢገዛን ይሻላል የሚሉት ጳጳሳት የያዘች ወይስ በስመኣብ ብላቹ ተኩሱ እያለ ግምባር የሚዘምት አስተኳሽ ጳጳሳት ያላት ቤ/ክ?

    If a bishop, priest , or clergy member promotes teachings that are contrary to the core beliefs and teachings of the Oriental Orthodox Church, they may be defrocked-lose theier authority(ሥልጣነ-ክህነት). This would typically involve persistently and openly propagating heretical ideas or holding beliefs that directly contradict the church’s doctrines.

    ‘‘ወያኔ/ትግሬ ከሚገዛኝ ሳጥናኤል ቢገዛኝ ይሻለኛል?!’His teachings deviate from biblical doctrine, thus exhibiting heresy & satanic tenet

    (አቡነ ጴጥሮስ/የቅዱስ ሲኖዶስ ዋና ጸሐፊ)

    3.Ecclesiastical Discipline: The church has the authority to discipline its clergy members. If a clergy member is found guilty of disciplinary offenses, such as abusing their position of authority, engaging in inappropriate behavior, or violating the canons and norms of the church, they may face defrocking as a consequence.

    Theological justifications and explanations for defrocking can be rooted in the understanding of the clergy’s role as representatives of the church and embodiments of its teachings. Their actions and behaviors are expected to align with the mission and principles of the church. When a clergy member deviates from these principles, their authority may be revoked as a means of upholding the integrity and sanctity of the church.
    It is significant to remember that different Christian traditions may have different defrocking customs. Defrocking, for instance, is referred to as laicization or ejection from the clerical state in the Catholic Church. It can happen in response to moral offenses, doctrinal deviations, or disciplinary violations, just like in Oriental Orthodox Churches.

    There may be some differences in the methods and lingo utilized, but when comparing the Oriental Orthodox and Western Orthodox Churches, their defrocking doctrines and customs are typically comparable, generally similar. The higher ecclesiastical authorities in both faiths have the power to defrock.

    Judaism, on the other hand, adheres to various laws and procedures with regard to its clergy because it is a different religious tradition from Christianity. Jewish religious leadership is not immediately related to derocking as it is understood in Christian circumstances.

    “It is advisable to subject those who commit serious crimes to the process of laicization or dismissal from the clerical state, commonly known as defrocking, in order to ensure the sanctity of the church.”

    Besides, We remind you what socalled ምቱር ጭንጋፍ አስተርአየ ጽጌ (supporter of mahibreseytan) posted on the on February 20, 2013ነፃ አስተያየቶች, “”

    This is an extract taken from his article . He insulted Abune Mathias and incited violence to manipulate church members into supporting his unethical political agenda.

    “”(በቀሲስ አስተርአየ ጽጌ
    ማሰሰቢያ፦ “ወለእመ ተራድአ በመኳንንተ ዝንቱ ዓለም፡ወተሠይመ ለቤተ ክርስቲያን እምሃቤሆሙ ይትመተር ወይሰደድ ውእቱኒ ወኩሎሙ እለ ተሳተፍዎ”(ፍ.ነ. ፻፸፭) ማለትም፦ “በመንግስት ድጋፍ የተሰየመ ግለ ሰብ ጭንጋፍ ነው”። በቦታው እንዲቀመጥ የተባበሩት ሰዎችም ህይወት የሌለውን ህይወት ያለው በማስመሰል የተባበሩ ናቸውና ጭንጋፎች (ምቱራን) ናቸው።
    “ይትመተር” ማለት፦ ይጨንገፍ ማለት ነው። “ይሰደድ” ማለት ደግሞ፤ ጭንጋፍ ሆኖ በተወለደ ህይወት አልባ ውራድ ላይ የሚፈጸመው ስርአት ይድረስበት ማለት ነው። ሊወለድ ነው እየተባለ የሚታወጅለት ይህን ግለ ሰብ፤ በመንበሩ ላይ አጽናው ብለን በቅዳሴያችን ልናወሳው ይቅርና፤ “አርህቅ እግዚኦ እምኔየ። ወእምነ ኩሉ ህዝብከ። ወእምዝንቱ መካን ቅዱስ ዘዚአከ”(ሥ.ቅ. ገጽ ፴ ቁ ፴፰) እያልን ከፍ ባለ ድምጻችን ከግላችን፤ ከማህበራችንና ከተቀደሰው መንበራችን እንዲርቅ የምናውጅበት ምቱር ፓትርያርክ ነው።እንግዲህ ቢገባንና ብንረዳው እንድንጠቀምበት እግዚአብሄር በሰላሙ ቡድን በኩል ቤተ ክርስቲያናችንን ከነ አቶ ስብሀት ነጋ እንድናተርፋት በሩን አዘጋጅቷል። የሰላሙ ቡድን ይህን ረቂቅ ጥሪ ተረድቶና ተገንዝቦ ከእርቁ በፊት የፓትርያርክ ምርጫ እንዳይታሰብ ድምጽ ያሰሙትን ሁሉ ድርጅቶችን ታላላቅ ሊቃውንት ካህናትንና የተበታተነውን ህዝበ ክርስቲያን በማስተባበር ሃላፉነቱን ይወጣ ዘንድ ታሪካዊ ግዴታ ወድቆበታል።””

    htts: //

    Despite their failed efforts, Mahibreseytan (socalled mahibrekidusan)members like Kesis Astraye Tsige were unable to stop His Holiness Abune Mathais from being consecrated as the head of the church. They went to the patriarchate’s headquarters a week later to congratulate him on his ascension to the highest ecclesiastical authority. However, upon realizing their unsuccessful attempt, they resorted to speaking nonsense and pretending to have played a significant role in his election to make his appointment possible.
    They were attempting to promote the appointement of Abba Yosef as a patriarch or another amhara bishop who support mahibreseytan.
    By ተጻፈ በካሳ ሃይለማርያም :””ብፁዕ ወቅዱስ ኣቡነ ማትያስ ቅዱስ መፅሓፍ በሚያዘው መሰረት፤ «በመጀመሪያ ለእነአባ ሳውሮስ ጥሪ እንዲደረግላችውና ስለ ጉዳዩ በሲኖዶስ ቀርበው እዲጠየቁ፤ እዲሁም እንዲጠይቁ መጀመሪያ እንስማቸው» በማለት ለጉባኤው የውሳኔ ሐሳብ አቅርበው እንደነበር ነው:: የሲኖዶሱ አባላት ግን በአብላጫ ድምፅ «አንቀበልም በአስቸካይ አውግዘን ለይተናቸው ጉባእያችንን እንጨርስ» በማለት ፓትርያርኩን እንደተቃወሙዋቸው ለማወቅ ተችሏል:””በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ እየተካሄደ ባለው የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነት እሳት ሲያቀጣጥል፤ የትግራይን ሕዝብ ከህልውና እንዲጠፋ እንዲጨፈጨፍ ከታሪክ አሻራ እንዲፋቅ በመፎከር፤ የፋኖ የቀኝ ክንፍ በመሆን እንደ መርዝ የከፋ ንግግር ሲያደርግ የነበረ አሕዛብ፤ እንዴት አሁን ተገልብጦ ብቸኛ የሃይማኖቱ ተቆርቋሪ እኔ ነኝ አለ! “”

    ከዲያቆናት እስከ ጳጳሳት ያሉ ካህናት ሰው ከገደሉ or ካብ ዲያቆናት ክሳብ ጳጳሳት ሰብ እንተቐቲሎም (in this case mass murder or genocide of innocent Tegaru) ክህነቶም ክስረዝ እዩ:ካብ ሥልጣነ ክህነቶም ይእለዩ።።ፍትሐ ነገሥት አንቀጽ ፵፯፣፲፻፯፲፫ “ካህን እመ ተቃተለ ምስለ አሐዱሂ ወይዘብጦ እስከ ይመውት ይትመተር(ይሰዓር እምሲመቱ)=Shall be defrocked” ።ሓደ ካህን ምስ ሰብ ተባኢሱ ናብ ሞት ዘብጽሕ በትሪ እንተወቒዑዎ፡ ብሰንኪ ጽንዓት ልቡ ካብቲ ዝነበሮ ቦታ ክእለ ኣለዎ። ሓደ ሰብ ንኻልእ ክቐትል ምፍቃድ(ቀታሊ ፥አቅታሊ: አስተቃታሊ ) ልክዕ ከም ምቕታል ቁጽሪ እዩ።።

    ፍትሐ ነገሥት አንቀጽ ፭፣፻፹፫ “ኢይእስር ወኢያውግዝ ዘእንበለ ርትዕ” ኤጲስ ቆጶስ በማይገባ ያለ ሥርዐት አያውግዝ። ይህንን ካደረገ ግን ይኵን ውእቱ እሡረ ወውጉዘ እምኀበ እግዚአብሔር ። እርሱ ራሱ በእግዚአብሔር የታሰረ ነው። ሌሎችን ያወገዘው ውግዘትም አይቆጠርም ወፈ ገዝት ነው። If all those fanno bishops gather to excommunicate Archbishops of Menbere Selama Kesate Birhane Orthodox Tewahedo Church of Tigray, those who excommunicated them will themselves be excommunicated. This act of excommunication would hold no spiritual or meaningful purpose, similar to making a mountain out of a molehill or ወፈ ገዝት.

    አብ ፅንተት ህዝብ ትግራይን ፥ዕንወት፥ስርቂን ቅርስታት ትግራይ ዝነበሮም አታዊነት ክራኣይ ከሎ ብመነፅር ቀኖናን ህግታት ቤተክርስቲያን ይትረፍ ዶ ከውግዙ ንህና ኢና ቅዱሳን ብልፁት ክብሉ ሥልጣነ ጵጵስናን ክህነቶም ብከቢድ ገበን ፈሪሱ ካብ ሥልጣን ክእለዩ ዘብቅኦም እዩ፤፤ካብ ሥልጣኑ ዝተአልየ ከኣ ከውግዝ፤ክባርኽ ክቅድስ አይክዕልን፤፤ምቱራን እዮም ካብ ሥልጣኖም ዝተአልዩ ደብተራታት እዮም ፤፤ YOu could call these debtras like abba መቃርዮስ defrocked bishop, or fallen bishop, or Declericalized bishop or priest ቆቡን የጣለ ያፈረሰ fallen from grace
    Disrobed bishop or priest or a deacon
    Excommunicated bishop or priest
    Deposed bishop or priest or deacon
    Stripped bishop or priest
    Unleagued bishop or priest
    Unfrocked bishop or priest
    Dismissed bishop or priest
    Disgraced deacon kiseret
    Shamed ketali bishop like abba petros, head of unholy genocidal synod
    Dishonored deacon or monk like abba histan etc This is to help them feel they are still reminded of the fallen grace they had, but in reality they can’t be called priest, bishop, or deacon as they were involved in the most horrendous crime, the genocide of their own church members who shared their daily bread with them while they were hungry, like a Jewish mother who shared the only unique bread with prophet Elijah and her son.
    That is an epitom of represents selflessness and concern for others.

    The sacred mother we refer to here is none other than Mother Tigray herself. With unwavering grace, Hagere Tigray has nurtured both her captivating history and provided sustenance to those who were once hungry and unable to fend for themselves in the vast realm of ecclesiastical and secular history. Additionally, Tegaru’s monthly contributions to the church of fanno have acted as a catalyst, ensuring fanno bishop’s and all other genocidal groups’ opulent existence.

    Saddly speaking, to this very day, after all those attriocities waged and conducted against Tegaru and still resuming the genocide under the cloak of peace, there are bandatat Tegaru, in Finfinne and elsewhere, who support Mahibreseytan and all other mafia who identified themselves as being against Menbereselama Kesate Birhan Orthodox Church of Tigray.

    It is essential to remind All Tegaru to support Menbere Selama, and the Council of Archbishops of Tigray should take control of all parish churches, religious heritages, museums, and monasteries. Mahibreseytan, Fanno bishops, and their unholy gencidal synod must not be given the chance to hide themselves and preside over all religious establishments in Tigray as they did before.
    Menbere Selam shall prevail!

    • Expell all Bandatat Tegaru from Tigray, let alone Mahibreseytan members and fanno monks and priests working to dismantle Menbere Selama Orthodox Tewahedo church of Tigray

      July 22, 2023 at 11:37 am

      An extract taken from and posted on Posted 15/02/2020.

      The author of the article goes by the name “”ሊቀ ጉባኤ ጌታሁን ደምጸ(≈Liqe-Gubayae Getahune Demtse) ”

      Title of the article: ሰቆቃ ወ ቤተ ክርስቲያን !!!!
      By ሊቀ ጉባኤ ጌታሁን ደምጸ reads:
      “ቅድስት ቤተ ክርስቲያን በኢህአዲግ ዘመነ መንግሥት በካቴድሬዎች ጣልቃ ገብነት ለኻያ ሰባት ዓመታት እንደ ወተት ዕቃ ስትናጥ ኖራለች፤ የቤተ ክርስቲያኒቱ መሪዎች ከቤተ ክርስቲያን ህልውና ይልቅ ለፖለቲካ ህልውና የሚያደሉ ለጥቅማቸው ያደሩ የፖለቲካ የማገዶ እንጨት ሆነው መኖራቸው አንዱ ፈተና ነበር፡፡
      የኢህአዲግ ካቴድሬዎችም ‹‹ክርስትና አሳዳጅና ጨቋኝ ሃይማኖት ነው፤ የነፍጠኛ ኮተት መጣያ ነው፤ ቤተ ክርስቲያን የፊውዳል ዓላማ አራማጅ ናት፤ ለኢትዮጵያ ድህነት ተጠያቂዋ ቤተ ክርስቲያን ናት›› እያሉ የኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶን ቤተ ክርስቲያንን ሲያዳክሟት ኖረዋል።

      ከዘመኑ መናፍቃን ጋር ተባብረው ቤተ ክርስቲያኒቱን ለመግደል እያሤሩ የሚገኙትን የቤተ ክርስቲያን የውስጥ መዥገሮች(Liqe-Gubayae Getahune Demtse is referring here to Tegaru serving in the church) ለመንቀልና ለሀገርና ለቤተ ክርስቲያን የሚተርፍ የእፎይታ ዘመን ለማምጣት ካህናት ምእመናንን በመያዝ በሰላማዊና በሕጋዊ መንገድ መታገል ይገባቸዋል፡፡

      ሕንጻዎች እንኳን ቢገነቡ አብያተ ክርስቲያናት ቢታነጹ በምእመናን ገንዘብና ላብ ነው፤ ያውም ዝረፉ ቅጠፉ ብለው ካሰማሯቸው ካድሬ አለቆች መንጋጋ እየተናጠቁ የተሠሩ ናቸው።
      በቤተ ክህነት ብልሹ አሠራር የተበሳጨው ዲያቆን ዳንኤል ክብረት በአንድ ወቅት ‹‹ሦስቱ አርእስተ ኀጣውእ›› በሚል ርእስ በድረ ገጽ ከትቦ ያሰነበበንን እኔ(the author himself-ሊቀ ጉባኤ ጌታሁን ደምጸ) በአጭሩ እንደ ማጠናከሪያ ሀሳብ ተጠቅሜበታለሁ፡፡

      This man socalled Liqe-gubayae insist on saying “”ግን ምን ይሆናል ለኦርቶዶክስ የበኵር ልጆቸ መሆናቸውን ረስተው ክርስትና የአማራ ዲስኩር ነው፤ ክርስትና ውኃ ከመቦጫረቅ ውጭ ምን ትርፍ አለው እያሉ በካድሬዎቻቸው ስብከት ኦሮሞውን፣ ጉራጌውንና ሌላውንም ከቀናች ከጸናች ከኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ሃይማኖት እንዲኮበልል ደባ ሲፈጽሙ ኖረዋል። በአንድ በኩል መንግሥት በሃይማኖት ጣልቃ አይገባም እያሉ ወዲህ ፓርላማውን ሳይቀር ለካድሬዎቻቸው የሚጸልዩ የፓስተር መንጋ መመሰጊያ አድርገዉት ነበር።
      በቤተ ክህነት ሌቦችና ዘረኞች ሴሰኞች ሰግስገው ቤተ ክርስቲያን እንድትጠላ እያደረጉ ከውጭ ተቀባይ አውሬ እያዘጋጁ እናት ቤተ ክርስቲያንን ለኻያ ሰባት ዓመታት አስለቅሰዋታል፡”

      To sum up,as you can see in this extract , Amhara fanodox church bishops like (አቡነ መቃርዮስ/ሊቀ ጳጳስ), አቡነ ጴጥሮስ/የቅዱስ ሲኖዶስ ዋና ጸሐፊ, priests like Kesis Astrayae Tsige (ቀሲስ አስተርአየ ጽጌ ) and spritual educators or scholars like ሊቀ ጉባኤ ጌታሁን ደምጸ and many others like them have been dessiminating hate speech against people of Tigray for several years both publicly and hiding themselves in backyards , Vicarage, dejeselam, rectory, crevices etc .After all, “”ኣፍ ካብ ምልኣት ልቢ እዩ ዚዛረብ እሞ፡ እቲ ሕያዋይ ሰብ ካብቲ ጽቡቕ መዝገብ ልቡ ጽቡቕ የውጽእ። እቲ ኽፉእ ድማ ካብቲ ኽፉእ መዝገብ ልቡ ኽፉእ እዩ ዜውጽእ: For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. ።(Luke 6:45)

      “And what the mouth commonly speaks, generally agrees with what is most in the heart,”source :://

      Amhara fanodox church and mahibreseytan are genociders. They played several roles in the genocide against Tegaru, namely as sponsors, backers, cheerleaders, motivators, and shoulders to lean on when it came to fabricating false narratives and defamation.

      NB: If anyone is interested in reading the article written by the aforementioned author, you can copy and paste certain phrases and his name into the Google search box.

  2. Menbereselama must take full control of all monasteries and parish churches:Expell all those who work for Mahibreseytan and fanno bishops and hiding themselves in Debredamo and all other ancient churches of Tigray

    July 20, 2023 at 6:06 pm

    አብ ገፀር ብዒባ(ድዅዒ) ኮነ ይሎም ገዛ ዘቃፅሉ አለው እቲ ነዳዲ ድህር ነዊህ ጊዜ እዩ ዝፍለጥ ንወንጀለኛ ብቀሊሉ አይርከብን፤፤ሶሶ አብ ትግራይ ተሃቢኦም ዘለው ደገፍቲ ማህበረ ሰይጣን እቲ ዝተረፈ ቅርስታትና ከየጥፍኡልና ካብ ገዳማትን አድባራትን ትግራይ ክወፁ አለዎም፣፣እዚ ካኣ ደህንነት ሕዝቢ ኩሉ ትግራዋይ እዩ፤፤ብ ንቁፅ ዒባ ዝተቃፀለ ብዝኮነ ነገር ዝመፀ ነዳዲ ሀደጋ መልኧሊኡ አይፍለጥን ሶ መን ክፈጠና ኢሎም ክሰርቁ ግጭት ከላዕሉ ስለዝክእሉ አውፅኡዎም፣፣ማህበረ ሰይጣን ኮነ ፋኖ ጳጳሳት ብቅርስታትና ክሽቅጡ ገዳማት አድባራትና ክቆፃፀሩ ከማሃዳድሩ ክፍቀደሎም አይግባዕን፣፣ብዕርቂ አምሲሎም ክሽቅጡ እምበር ክልዕ ተምኔት የብሎምን፣፣ወላ ጳጳሳት ትግራይ ተታኣሪቆምውን አይንደልዮምን፣፣ድልየትና የውልቀሰባት ሃይማኖት ብመራህቲ አይውሰንን ፤፤ዊዶንት ኒድ አምሓራይ ጳጳስ ወዘተ We all like and honor our Archbishops for their unwaveringa and resilience an d standing with all their people. It is a historical sacred decision made by our Bishops. Longevity and grace to all those who work to establish Menbere selama Kesate Birhane Orthodox Tewahedo church of Tigray

  3. Menbereselama must take full control of all monasteries and parish churches:Expell all those who work for Mahibreseytan and fanno bishops and hiding themselves in Debredamo and all other ancient churches of Tigray

    July 20, 2023 at 5:49 pm

    Subject: Urgent Request to Take Full Control and Administration of All Religious Facilities, Including Ancient Monasteries and Recognized Parish Churches and Museums in Tigray

    Your Graces, 

    We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to bring your attention to a matter of grave concern regarding the current supervision of our monasteries and priceless heritage. It has recently come to our knowledge that the genocidal Amhara-dominated church fanno group calling itself Old and Legitimate Synodos, which has been involved in two years of genocide and heinous acts, is inexplicably assuming control of our cherished ancient monasteries. We beseech you to take immediate action and prevent this genocidal group from exerting any further influence on all monasteries, priceless heritages, museums, and ancient Parish churches in Tigray.

    The ancient churches and monasteries of Tigray stand as magnificent fortresses embodying unwavering faith, fervent dedication, ethereal transcendence, profound religious heritage, long-standing sacred traditional education, and timeless wisdom. It has served as a safe haven for monks, nuns, ascetics, traditional school educators, and their disciples for centuries, ensuring a conducive environment for learning and spiritual growth.

    Unfortunately, the agents of the Amhara Synond and those of the so-called Mahibrekidusan who are currently overseeing monasteries in Tigray like Debre-Damo Abune Aregawi monastery, as you all know, have a track record that is deeply troubling and unacceptable. These irreligious people who play the religious card for their sinful carnal lust have intensified their intelligence-gathering efforts within most of our faith-based establishments and are striving to dismantle the Menbere-Selama Kesate Birhane Orthodox Tewahedo church of Tigray.

    Their involvement in conflicts and their connection to prior atrocities have raised serious doubts about their suitability to govern all our churches and monasteries. Many members of our community are dismayed and alarmed by the prospect of this genocidal group gaining more control at this date and time. As responsible religious authorities with a duty to ensure the safety and well-being of all Tigrayans who took refuge in all monasteries and parish churches of Tigray, including all priceless shrines. It is of utmost importance that we act promptly and decisively to safeguard the integrity, safety, and future of our highly regarded sacred institutions. This includes all establishments currently under occupation and supervision by the group in Arat Kilo, utilizing its agents who have been placed on our soil.

    We implore you, as the rightful custodians of our religious facilities and Faith-based establishments, to assume full control and administration thereof. It is imperative that Archbishops of Meneber Selama Kesate Birhan with a proven commitment to the welfare and safety of all Tegaru lead the way. By doing so, you would restore the faith and trust of countless individuals who believe in the importance of a nurturing and secure educational environment.

    We understand the complexities involved in such decisions; however, we hope you, Our fathers, recognize the urgency of this matter and the desire of our community to see all Faith-based establishments under capable and responsible management. The future of Menbere Selam Kesate Birhane Orthodox Church of Tigray hangs in the balance, and we must act swiftly to ensure they are all protected.

    Thank you for your attention to this pressing issue. I trust in your wisdom and dedication to make the right decision for the betterment of all our Faith-based establishments. We look forward to hearing positive news regarding this matter, and We extend our willingness to work with you in any way possible.

    Sincerely in Christ,

  4. Yorum Satın Al

    July 20, 2023 at 11:38 am

    Useful article, thank you. Top article, very helpful.

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