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Press release

Implicating Tigrayans in the Hague riots complicity in Eritrea’s genocidal campaign



Press release

Media outlets implicating Tigrayans in connection to the Eritrean riot in the Hague, which has injured policemen and civilians, damaged property and caused havoc, are unwittingly serving as indirect tools of the Eritrean regime. We strongly condemn the riots and the reckless and dangerous association, and call on authorities to investigate those who are involved in this violent act and their relationship with the Eritrean regime.

The violent riots in the Hague have shocked us. The riots are despicable and
unbecoming in a peaceful land where freedom of expression and peaceful protests are
guaranteed. Such violence has characterised the Eritrean community worldwide
especially in the past few years. At the heart of these violence is the Eritrean regime
which rules with terror at home, and exports insecurity, terror and war far beyond
Eritrean borders.

Recently, the regime invaded Tigray, and its barbaric army committed some of the most horrific crimes, killed priests, community leaders and boys above the age of four, raped and gang-raped girls and women, and plundered and destroyed Tigray’s civilian infrastructure and cultural heritages. The Axum Massacre, Maryam Dengelat massacre, the Guh Massacre, and the Maryam Shewito Massacre are but a few to mention.

We ask the Dutch authorities to investigate how many of the Eritrean “refugees” in the Netherlands were Eritrean soldiers who have committed atrocities in Tigray and are involved in the Hague and other riots.

The Eritrean regime uses the non-stop hate campaign and war against Tigrayans as an essential means of staying in power and creating a new Eritrean identity inspired by the legacy of colonial Italy by separating the Tigrayans of Eritrea from the Tigrayans in Tigray and erecting a wall of eternal hatred between them. It is this despicable act of keeping people in constant enmity that the Eritrean regime and its supporters in the diaspora are bringing to the Netherlands when they wantonly implicate Tigrayans of Tigray in the riots in the Hague and other violence.

Tigrayans are reeling from the genocide that the Eritrean regime together with the Ethiopian regime committed against them, killing close to a million of them, devastating their land and livelihoods. We urge media outlets and authorities to be careful not to be an indirect tool of the Eritrean regime by blaming and implicating innocent genocide victims that have no involvement in any riots and violence. We also urge the Dutch government to play its role in recognising the Tigray Genocide and in holding the the perpetrators accountable. Because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


Gebrekirstos G. Gebremeskel (Director of Tghat)
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About Tghat:

Tghat investigates and documents the Tigray war, and advocates for truth, recognition,
justice and accountability, and sustainable peace in Tigray and the broader Horn of

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