On Monday December 7, 2020, the "Ministry of Peace" of Ethiopia conducted a virtual fundraising event for the war on
n a statement issued on Dec. 02, 2020, the Tigray Government accuses the combined forces of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias
Unless something unexpected happens, this time of December every year is when I do some shopping and book my tickets
A determined Tigrayan man's face
My house was set on fire, and my family was dispersed before my very eyes. We were not even able
A determined Tigrayan man's face
ብዓይነይ እናርአኹ ገዛይ ተቓጺሉ፤ ቤተሰበይ ተበቲኑ፤ ከም ሰብ ገኒዝና ክንቀብሮም ኣይክኣልናን ንቤተሰብና። ራሄል ሓፍተይ እከለ ኣሎ እከለ የለን ክብለኪ ኣይትጸበዪኒ።
Even before the breakout of the war, there were many signs and indications that indicate the profiling of Tigrayans in
ብ ገብረክርስቶስ ገብረስላሴ ካብ ኣስታት 2000 ዓ/ም ጀሚረ ስለ ሓደነት ዕጫ ተጋሩን ኤርትራውያንን፥ ስለ ተኸፋፊልካ ኣደዳ ፀላእቲ ምዃን፥ እናተለዋወጥና እቱ
Military Invasion It has been a month since the Ethiopian Defence Forces, Eritrean Defence Forces, Amhara Special Forces, Amhara Militia,
The title reads: Necessary information about Ethnic Tigrayans who work in different jobs and live in their own or rented
Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) spokesperson, Gebre Gebretsadiq, claimed that in the past three days Tigray forces have completely destroyed 11