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Ethiopian Regime Rewards Maureen Aching an IGAD Job for her anti-Tigrayan work at UN Ethiopia.



In Oct 2021, Maureen Achieng and her colleagues at UN Ethiopia were found engaging in one of the most irresponsible things against Tigrayans and other UN colleagues. In one of the leaked audios, UN Ethiopia representatives said two shocking things 1) evidence on crimes in Tigray must be verified and accepted by the Ethiopian government in order to be deemed credible and 2) they hesitate to use personal testimonies of rape victims as evidence, calling media reports a “hype”.  In a second round of audio leaks , Maureen Achieng IOM Chief of Mission to Ethiopia and Representative to the AU, UNECA and IGAD said “the TPLF are dirty and vicious” and  “I will never go back to that region [Tigray]”.  She also alleged a request to resettle Tigrayans in Rwanda was for starting a guerrilla movement with the help of Paul Kagame.

Following the leaked audios, she was quietly removed from her UN post in Ethiopia. But Ethiopia authorities didn’t forget her service.

In May 2022, Ethiopia’s President, Sahle-Work Zewde, received Maureen Achieng in her office and thanked her for her service when she was in UN Ethiopia including for her “truthfulness, integrity & dedication”. They both talked about increasing African countries influence in UN.

Now, Maureen has joined IGAD as its representative to the AU. IGAD is the Abiy Regime’s playground and is led by a close friend and ally of Abiy Ahmed , Workneh Gebeyehu.

Clearly, this IGAD job is the Abiy Regime’s reward for Maureen Achieng for the dangerous role she played against Tigrayans when she was at UN Ethiopia. Her May Visit to SahleWork Zewde was to request reward for the anti-Tigray work she did at UN Ethiopia.

Gebrekirstos Gebremeskel is a researcher, runs (NLP resources & tools), and manages Tghat. He is interested in science, history of ideas and the politics of the Horn.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tigray should be free indepedent country to ensure eternal peace of Tegaru

    November 28, 2022 at 6:02 pm

    TPLF leaders are currently accomplishing anti-Tigriyan mission, dismantling TDF and ensuring disarmament of TDF in an attempt to please foreign forces who promise to keep them safe.
    In exchange for personal saftey and power , they denied the entire people of Tigray , including Tigray freedom fighters(TDF) who sacrificied their lives for the protection of people of Tigray.
    Getachew K Reda on Twitter: “Everything we do, every move we make, or every agreement we sign is driven by the need to ensure the interest of the people of Tigray. Peace is what our people need more than anything. Whether we will deliver on our promise in a manner that satisfies our people time will tell.

    Soon after ,the peace agreement signed many Tigrayans have been brutally massacred , their riches been looted and transported .

    Yesterday, Ethiopian & Eritrean forces committing atrocities in 4 cities of Tigray | Bomb attack in Amhara
    sources :My Views On News

    Once after the peace deal signed, TPLF leaders are working day and night for the implementation of the peace agreement while simultaneously endangering people of Tigray and exposing Tigrayans to further genocidal war without defensive Tigrayan forces to keep them save and stay protective as a shield.

    TPLF leaders has already caused incalculable damage to Tigray , their own people than to any other tribe contrary to the manufactured stories of Amhara elites and their eritrean partners , Higdef.

    Take heed of enemies reconciled, and of meat twice boiled. TPLF leaders are trusting genociders and allowing these genociders to act as defensive forces of Tigray and Tigreans.
    Beware of a reconciled friend as of the devil.
    (Spanish Proverb) – More Spanish Proverbs…
    A reconciled friend is a double enemy.
    (Spanish Proverb)
    As we all know Rehabilitation facilities allow offenders and juvenile delinquents to be re-trained to fit back in society, but TPLF leaders agreed to the rehabilitation of Tigrean forces, TDF. Tegaru joined TDF soon after they saw their family members slaughtered, tortured and became vicitims of sexually oriented violences. Hence, there is no reason to agree to send TDF to concentration camps like criminals for mass torture and we donot know what will happen to them inside a closed camp administered by Amhara dominated army who work with eritrean higdef fifth columnists.

    Al in all, TPLF leaders leaders should not be allowed to lead Tigray after all these anti Tigrean mission and deceptive speech they are delivering now and then.Don’t misinterpret and don’t consider this message as divisive or something emanated from anti Tigray teams. We can’t be united under anti-Tigrean and traitorous leadership of TPLF. They are misunsing the sacrifices of our people in the past 17 years bloody war for their own power and personal safety and riches. WE need a Tigrean leader within Tigray or diaspora who bring independent free Tigray into effect. NO more genocidal country ETHIOPIa and ethiopianism.

    TPLF leaders should resign like Obasanjo willfully before they bring another chaos. Tigray prevail and Indepedent Tigray will soon be real. Amen!!!!

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