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Rape Victims from Ayder Referral Hospital Records

The following table contains official record of sexual violence victims from Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekelle.



Editor’s note: this story and data is taken from Mekelle times, a monthly Mekelle-based clandestine publication. We are taking out this part from the publication and publishing it here because we believe it deserves to be seen without being buried in other stories. The rest of the publication will be published soon. We have published one of Mekelle Times’ monthly publication before, A Diary of events from Mekelle.

The following table contains official record of sexual violence victims from Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekelle. There is a similar list of several victims who have been treated at Mekelle Hospital, Kassech Clinic and Elshsaday sanctuary. However, Mekelle Times is unable to get additional data from these hospitals and clinics due to limited resources, privacy concerns and other factors. 

As one can see from the table, most  victims are under age girls who were brought to the hospital by their parents. Other victims, especially adults above the age of 20, choose to live with their wound due to stigma and public shaming.

victims of Sexual violence from Ayder Hospital Medical Records

NameGenderAgeCity/Subcity*Hospital Card NumberDate   
1AmMale17Wukro986113Nov 3, 2020
2AbF16Raya Azebo*986356Nov 4,2020
3HeF14Qhiha986470Nov 5, 2020
4HeF13Quiha986471Nov 5,2020
5FiF18Mekelle986507Nov 06,2020
6SeF16Enderta*986681Nov 10,2020
7DyF20Mekelle986678Nov 10, 2020
8AzF15Raya Azebo*987227Nov 18,2020
9AzF18Mekelle987732Nov 26,2020
10HeF10Mekelle987730Nov 26,2020
11Ar11Quiha988580Nov 26,2020
11HeF15Mekelle987259Dec 28,2020
12Se15Mekelle989372Dec 28,2020
13FeF12Mekelle98923Jan 02,2021
14Ed12Mekelle989700Jan 02, 2021
15MuF19Mekelle989613Dec 30,2020
16MeF21GuloMekda*895045Dec 21,2020
17AnF17Mekelle900142Jan 01, 2021
18TeF17Tsegereda*991318Jan 21, 2021
19RaF22Howzen991732Jan 23, 2021
20MiF18Atsbi991810Jan 25,2021
21Br18Mekelle992361Jan 27,2021
22Fa14MekelleN/AJan 02,2021
23SeF40AdigratN/AJan 28,2021
24MuF35Mekelle992059Jan 25,2021
25Me17Mekelle992762Jan 30,2021
26Se40GuloMekda*992549Jan 28,2021
27NiF17Adiharesh*992843Jan 31,2021
28MeF28Mekelle992690Jan 29,2021
29RuF14Wukro001084Feb 01,2021
30MaF14Wukro993056Feb 01,2021

Editor’s addendum: in the war on Tigray, rape has been very common. See these stories to get more context: Choose — I Kill You or Rape You, Disturbing’ rape allegations in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: UN, and A rape survivor’s story emerges from a remote African war.

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  1. Maria

    March 4, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    Please remove the personal information of these victims for their safety.

  2. Susie

    March 4, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Please, for the sake and safety of these victims you need to take this down immediately. It goes completely against GDPR. This is not treating them with dignity or respect, you are breaking confidentiality and putting them at increased risk.

  3. Saymon Solomon

    February 16, 2021 at 12:00 am

    You doing amazing job guys! Keep rising.

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