Statement from the Tigray Regional Government to the G7 Summit

June 11, 2021

The Tigray Regional Government would like to begin by expressing our appreciation to the G7 for your engagement and leadership exhibited in the past through your previous statements on Tigray since the genocidal war began, and today, as you place Tigray onto the agenda of the G7 2021 Summit in Cornwall, England.

The Tigray Regional Government did not want war, but it became evident that as Eritrean forces, Ethiopian forces, and Amhara militias amassed on Tigray’s border that an attack was imminent and that we would be forced into conflict. The Tigray Government made considerable effort to alert the international community that Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea were preparing to launch a war against the people and region of Tigray, and it is to be recalled that President Debretsion Gebremichael of Tigray dispatched letters to world leaders requesting their mediation to peacefully resolve the political crisis in Ethiopia. We affirm that the Tigray Government stands ready to have a peaceful solution to end the war.

Man-made famine in Tigray is imminent, and people have been dying from hunger for months. The deliberate looting and destruction have left people including the most vulnerable without food stores, seeds for planting, farming equipment, or cattle. Humanitarian relief is being blocked and frustrated at every turn by the combined Eritrean, Amhara, and Ethiopian forces. To unlock these humanitarian access hurdles and to stop the atrocities, the international community must demand the immediate verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean forces and Amhara militias from Tigray and to take bold measures to ensure that life-saving aid reaches those in need. The Tigray Regional Government will cooperate fully in humanitarian assistance efforts. We are ready to discuss how to best implement and operationalize these efforts to ensure millions of lives on the brink of death are saved.

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  1. Stop the Genocide and using famine as a weapon

    Good afternoon Tegaru
    According Martin Plaut “The chemical weapons arrived in Mekelle from Finfine on June 5, B789 and delivered 40 tons of phosphorus chemical. Drones may be used to deploy the chemical weapons.Heavy artillery has arrived in Djibouti with Ethiopia as the destination. The artillery and chemical weapons possibly purchased in Russia, Ukraine, and China.Over 130 military vehicles passed through the town of Wuqro in the direction of Adigrat.More than 271 buses full of Fano Amhara forces and ENDF entered to Shire and Axum via Endabaguna.180 military vehicles of ENDF moved to Mekelle from around Tembien and went to the direction of Wukro. 14 of them were carrying heavy artillery.ENDF force has entered Tigray with 18 orals/vehicles and now they are in Agula camp after traveling from Negelle Borona zone of the Oromia region.ENDF force moved from Hawzen to Mekelle and in replacement other ENDF forces were sent to Hawzen.”

    Tigray Defense forces should not release any hired genocider from ENDF, Amhara fanos , Amhara militia & Eritrean forces . The world need to act right now . Considering the reality on the ground-transporting all those chemicals and deploying a heavey military forces in Tigray for the socalled final offensive attack- WE all Tegarus should put our heads together and defend the innocent people of Tigray in any means , and POWs should not be released at this time whatever reason may emerge. Please donot relate the current genocide with previous 17 years struggle of TPLF who were releasing every POWs .

    In its modern application in civilized society, war is conducted against states and armed forces and not against populations which is geniocide and taking place in Tigray.
    in “normal” war the opposed actors are of the same organized military type, however else they may differ.
    Genocide- directed against civilian social groups as such rather than armed enemies .
    Genocide is not war! It is more dangerous than war! Raphael Lemkin
    Governments are mandated by international law to protect people from genocide. Bianca Jagger

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