Information as a Weapon of War

Information as a Weapon of War

On this episode of Tghat Forum, Teklai Gebremichael was joined by Temesgen Kahsay to discuss in depth the issues raised by Temesgen’s recent essay, ‘Our suffering may not be convenient, but it is real’. Together the panelists explored the role of information as a weapon of war and the danger of a single narrative.

Temesgen addressed the personal implication of blockades on information and a one-sided story. In an emotive and intimate discussion, Temesgen revealed the difficulties he has faced as part of a divided family exposed to different information about the Tigray War and the ramifications of this on social cohesion in Ethiopia.  

Teklai explored the role of social media in disseminating a coordinated campaign of disinformation. His insights into the design and functions of social media illuminated the pitfalls and opportunities awarded through social platforms to engage in nuanced, complex discussions online. 

Both panelists discussed the necessity of re-humanising one another in order to reach common ground. Sharing personal details of their struggles, this episode is a raw and honest insight into the difficulties faced by those navigating belonging and identity as Tigrayan, Eritrean and Ethiopian.

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