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Statement from Tigray Army Military Command



Using everything in its power, the enemy has intensified its military offensive. Even though the enemy has been trying to break our defensive line and, in so doing, brutalising the people of Tigray, it hasn’t succeeded. The ongoing performance of the heroic Tigray Army, the pride of the people of Tigray, in determinedly repulsing the offensive without endangering its stronghold, is nothing short of miraculous.

The force in front of you is familiar and one that you have defeated repeatedly. Be ready for a higher mission, after having decisively repulsed the offensive the enemy has begun by rejecting all peace overtures. For the past six months, the enemy has tried to deceive the world by presenting itself as an agent of peace. Having completed all necessary preparations for war, it has once again revealed its distinguishing and natural disposition towards using force to realize its aspirations and dreams on the Southern Front. We are also watching carefully as it prepares to start an offensive on the Western Front.

The enemy has completely rebuffed all efforts towards peace talks and the peaceful resolution of the conflict in the aftermath of the cessation of hostilities over the past few months. This anti-people regime, having rejected the path of peace and in an attempt to conceal its internal crisis and instability through war, is committing acts that will lead to further mayhem and destruction.

The regime cannot survive without war and instability, and is doing all it can to exterminate the people of Tigray and, failing that, repress all people that stand up for their rights, peace, development and democracy, causing the loss of innocent lives on a daily basis. It has been committing barbaric acts against the people of Oromia, Afar, Somali, Benishangul, Gambela, Southern region and Amhara. What everyone should realise is that this is the enemy’s essential nature and it is also what it is doing.

Beyond expressing their commitment to peace and dialogue, the people and Government of Tigray have also been making practical efforts towards peace to the best of their ability. We did not long for peace while living under normal circumstances. It is while bearing all types of pain and suffering being inflicted on our people and losing lives to starvation and disease that we have been stretching our hand towards peace.

It is in the hope that tomorrow would be better than today that we have been bearing an unbearable burden and patiently awaiting a solution. Even now, it’s our unshakable position that it is only through peaceful talks that a lasting solution can be achieved. Nonetheless, peace will not necessarily materialize just because we want, and long for, it. If the enemy, having rejected the path of peace, persists with what it has started, the International Community, the people of Ethiopia as well as political forces should know that we will be compelled to take measures to ensure our continual survival as a people.

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