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New Atrocity Feared in Western Tigray: About 3000 Tigrayan Men Moved out of Concentration Camps  to Unknown Destination



 On  09 Nov 2022, Wednesday evening (between 6 pm – 7 pm Tigray Time), the Amhara officials took out thousands of ethnic Tigrayan men from multiple concentration camps in  Western Tigray, where they have been languishing for the past two 2 years, loaded them onto trucks, and took them to an unknown destination. 

A total of 23 trucks, (two from a concentration camp at Dansha, one truck from a concentration camp at Maikadra, three trucks from a concentration camp at Adebay, and seventeen trucks from Hadush Bet Hintset (the biggest concentration camp in Humera town), filled with about 3000 innocent Tigrayan civilians, who have been tortured, starved, denied of medical help at these Nazi-like concentration camps for 2 yrs, have moved towards Adigoshu, another town in Western Tigray. Only God knows what could have happened there next or will happen. 

The memory of millions of Tigrayans, regarding those who were taken out of various concentration camps in Western Tigray, barbarously massacred and their bodies thrown to the Tekeze river or on the fields for hyenas and vultures, is fresh. 

Also, it is important to remember the bitter fact that the Amhara officials and militants abducted hundreds of Tigrayan civilians and took them to Eritrea in April 2022 in a crystal clear attempt to erase every single trace of the Tigrayan ethnicity across the Western Tigray.

The Amhara officials and militants separated 81 Tigrayan scholars (diplomas, degrees, masters degrees, medical doctors, teachers) from Hadush Bet Hintset in Humera on Wednesday morning, put them on buses, and drove them towards Gondar, Amhara region. Rumors are that they took them to BahirDar, the capital of the Amhara region. There are multiple concentration camps inside and on the outskirts of Humera town and Hadush Bet Hintset is the biggest of all.

Yesterday’s actions by the Amhara officials and militants are immediate retaliations to the “Pretoria peace deal” between the Ethiopian regime and the TPLF, a deal which the Amhara & Eritrean elites did not like from the get-go, maybe because it would compromise their ill-intentions against the people of Tigray.

Also, it is very important to mention the fact that the Amhara officials and militants isolated Tigrayan women and children detainees and left them in all the concentration camps.

The Amhara officials and militants, including the Amhara Special Forces, militia, and Fano, have been jointly committing unspeakable forms of barbarous crimes including ethnic profiling, weaponised rape, sexual slavery, massacres, murder, door-to-door ransacking, abductions & throwing ethnic Tigratans to concentration camps, starving & denying detainees access to medical help, taking out detainees from concentration camps and raping them as well as murdering them and dumping their bodies to the fields for hyenas & vultures to feed on them or the Tekeze river so that they would be washed down the stream to Sudan. 

When good samaritan Amharas as well as Tigrayans from the Welkait area who are considered to be “ethnic Amharas” by the Amhara officials take food to the detainees, who have been languishing inside the nazi-like concentration camps, the Amhara officials and militants would intimidate them, “why are you bringing food to the junta and terrorists; you could face serious consequences, be careful”. Hence, the good samaritans have been discouraged from stretching out their hands to the thousands of ethnic Tigrayan civilians who have been thrown into the hellish concentration camps for doing nothing wrong except being  Tigrayans. 

Those who have been in the concentration camps are those that are left from the more than a million ethnic Tigrayans who have been gang-raped, massacred, evicted and later targeted by repeated aerial and lethal drone raids at IDP camps in Dedebit and Adi Daero, and erased from across the entire Western Tigray since the Amhara forces invaded the area following the bloody war on Tigray that started on Nov 2020.

I am still receiving more information from western Tigray and will keep updating yesterday’s disappearance of these thousands of innocent Tigrayans by the Amhara officials and militants from across multiple concentration camps in the Western Tigray.

Gebremeskel Gebemariam graduated from Mekelle Institute of Technology, worked as a teacher and head in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Wolkite University for 4 years. He also served under Mahibere Kidusan during and after undergraduate study. Currently he is studying his masters degree in Communications Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

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1 Comment

  1. ቲቲ

    November 11, 2022 at 11:27 am

    እምበር ተጋዳላይ ልክ ሲገባ እንዴት ያስደስታል አላስፈላጊ ዋጋ ቢያስከፍልም:: ትግራይን እንጨብጣታለን ማለት በተግባር አየህ አይደል:: አማራን ጠልተህ በየት እንደምትወጣና እንደምትገባ ያላገናዘብክ ከንቱ ዋጋህን ታገኛለህ የዘራህውንም ታጭዳለህ:: አማራ እየመራ 4 ኪሎ ለ27 አመት እንዳስቀመጠህ እረስተህ እምበር ተጋዳላይ እያልክ ዳግም የአማራን ምድር ተራምደህ 4 ኪሎ የምትገባ መስሎህ እሳት ለኩሰህ ተለብልብህ ልክ ገባህ አቅምህንም በትክክል አወቅክ:: አርፈህ ብትቀመጥ ይሻልሃል:: ከበሮህን በልክህ እየመታህ ብትዘል ይሻልሃል:: ከበሮ አየመታሁ ተከዜን እሻገራለሁ ካልክ መቀበርያህን እውቀህ መሆን አለበት::

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