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Tigray opposition parties call attention to justice in Tigray



Editor’s note: Tghat understands that three Tigray-based opposition parties have sent the following letter to the representatives of 32 countries, calling attention to what they call Tigray genocide and urging the international community to rebuff Ethiopia’s attempt to end the mandate of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia. Others have also warned against the ending of the mandate. It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian regime has been lobbying various countries to help it end the mandate of the ICHREE.

Letter in full:

Attention to – Your Excellency Mr/Ms Ambassador

Subject: – Attention to the Tigray genocide

We, the undersigned opposition parties in Tigray, are witnessing with great sorrow that the permanent cessation of hostilities agreement between the Ethiopian regime and TPLF has relegated the Tigray genocide down to a mere wound that should be addressed with an ostensible transitional justice process. This so-called transitional justice process, according to the agreement, is to be handled by the Ethiopian government, the main culprit of the genocide. We believe this is a tragic travesty of justice. Buoyed by this farcical agreement, the Ethiopian regime has launched a vigorous campaign of whitewashing its genocide-tainted hands. This campaign of the regime is so audacious that it includes a concerted attempt to stop the ongoing investigation by the United Nations Panel of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia. This irresponsible and dangerous attempt of the Ethiopian regime should have been stopped right at the start. However, for reasons best known to those who wanted to join in this lamentable and very dangerous overture of the Ethiopian regime, we have realised that some entities are extending a helping hand to the Ethiopian regime.

The people of Tigray have gone through a painful agony due to a concerted campaign of genocide by various forces spearheaded by the Ethiopian regime under the spotlight of the international community. Failure to stop it from happening is a stab to the people and denying them justice now is a crime on its own right. At least, the people of Tigray deserve justice. Given that the Ethiopian regime is hell-bent on escaping accountability and the lenience of some states and actors that we are observing, we are afraid the regime may succeed in its bid to cover up the genocide. Letting this happen is not only detrimental to peace in our region but will have far-reaching consequences. Condoning a crime as egregious as the Tigray genocide is tantamount to giving a carte blanche to all forces that are against the respect of human rights. We, nonetheless. would like to pin our hope on those responsible states and actors who stand for the respect of human rights across the globe. Counting on this hope, we are writing this letter to your Excellency, so that your effort shall stop the criminals from getting away with their crimes. This effort of your Excellency coupled with the efforts of all responsible actors shall spare us all from such a disaster happening again not only here in Tigray but in any corner of the world as well.


Congress of Great Tigray (Baytona)

Salsay Weyane Tigray

Tigray independence party

February 27, 2023, Mekelle, Tigray.

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