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War On Tigray: Genocidal Axis in the Horn of Africa, New Book 



A new book by Daniel Berhane titled “War On Tigray: Genocidal Axis in the Horn of Africa” has been recently published. The book covers the immediate prelude to the war, the historical background for anti-Tigrayan mobilization and the execution of the genocidal war.

Daniel Berhane is well-known in the Ethiopian social media & blogosphere. During the genocidal war on Tigray, he went into hiding in Mekelle & worked on writing this book.

“I wrote this book during the War, in Mekelle, Tigray, when the federal government put my name on its most-wanted list for no reason other than speaking my mind. The isolation became a contemplative retreat that I used to further analyze the various factors that shaped the troubled relationship between Tigrayans and the Ethiopian state that culminated in this War,” said Daniel.

The book can be bought from Amazon: War On Tigray: Genocidal Axis in the Horn of Africa.

You can see a preview of the book below.

In an interview with Teklai Gebremichael of Tghat, Daniel gives us more context about the pre-war times, the genocidal war, how he survived the genocide and the blockade and the writing of his book and its themes.

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