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Amhara Region Asks Federal Govt for 100 Million Birr for Treating Soldiers Wounded in War on Tigray (Leaked Document)

In a leaked document, Amhara Region asks the federal government for 100 million Birr reimbursement for expenses related to treating soldiers wounded in the war on Tigray.



Since the start of the war, the world has witnessed horrendous atrocities on the people of Tigray. Even though the severity of the war on the people of Tigray is no longer a secret, the true extent of the damage is still not known. In the last six months, there have been plenty of announcements of glorious victories, encirclement, and the capture of enemies. What is not publicized is the human cost of the war. There have, to date, been no official reports detailing the human or financial cost of the war to Ethiopia.

In early December 2020, there was an unconfirmed report of “tens of thousands of deaths among Ethiopian forces and those from neighboring Eritrea.” Compiling reports of military battles by DW from March 30-April 12, 2021, there was a report of 12,535 casualties, of which 5795 were killed and the rest were wounded. In his interview in late April 2021, Getachew Reda estimated the casualties were quite significant. 

In this obscure context, with no official reporting, the following leaked letter (along with two attachments) from the Amhara National Regional State Health Bureau addressed to the Ministry of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, however, offers the first documented evidence of the human cost. The letter dated May 10, 2021, shows the cost of items and expenses incurred to care for the wounded military personnel while on duty.

In the letter, the health bureau requests medical expenses amounting to 99,272,522.06 Ethiopian Birr to be reimbursed to the Amhara Regional State by the federal government. The bureau’s head stated that they had used their limited resources to attend the wounded in eleven hospitals and eight health centers across the Amhara region. The bureau’s head requested the Regional State Government to reimburse medical expenses incurred to treat the injured to continue their regular service to civilians. The first attachment shows 10,209 wounded military personnel received treatment at eleven hospitals at the cost of 60, 789,667.06 Ethiopian Birr. 

The rest of the request for costs associated with expenses incurred by the Ethiopian military (exact numbers not mentioned, but given the similarity of the cost items – with the first attachment – it can be estimated between 5000-6000) at eight health centers at the expense of 38,482,855.00.

Break-down of costs detailed in attachements above

Although Abiy Ahmed declared that the war was over in late November and that Ethiopian National Defence Forces were now only engaged in hunting down a few ‘TPLF cliques,’ it has been obvious to all that the war was far from over. What was supposed to be a quick law enforcement operation has now dragged into a full-blown civil war, and six months in, there is no sign of culmination. 

While Ethiopians are still celebrating victories, they seem to, unfortunately, forget at what cost these ‘victories’ are coming. No one seems to ask about the fate of those who have not returned home or are languishing in infirmaries across the country. Astute observers who have not buried their heads in the sand could envisage how many Ethiopian youths have been sacrificed to ‘destroy’ the ‘Junta clique.’ Abiy Ahmed’s own admission that the army has been weakened immensely and his repeated plea for the youth to join the military is only but a hint to the actual human cost of the war that he is hiding.

So, for those who dare to ask: here is a question for Abiy Ahmed: what is the human cost of the war on Tigray? 


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  1. Wedi Maykinetal

    May 17, 2021 at 1:59 pm

    Where are the Zero Hunger campaigners ? Children are dying of hunger and Tegaru farmers are condemned not to cultivate their land ?

    “The world is not on track to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. If recent trends continue, the number of people affected by hunger would surpass 840 million by 2030.” are the Zero hunger campaigners work with those who waged war and sell weapons to ensure the above prophesy come true ?

    Why are UN and EU stay indifferent and not willing to take a drastic action ? Why do these big-names ignore the plight of Tegaru, Oromos and and all other tribes in Ethiopia ?

    Why are the world leaders leaving the obstruction of the delivery of humanitarian aid by the hired ENDF & EDF to serve as a straw in the wind for the future large scale famine and exodus of Tegaru ?

    Saddly speaking it’s all downhill from here , if UNSC and US donot take actions as fast as possible and avert the potential danger-there is no other way out!

    Save Tigray and the rest of Ethnicity held hostage by prosperity party and PJDF genociders.

  2. በኀይለ ፅዮን ትግራይ ትስዕር አሜን

    May 17, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    We are witnessing over and over again human misery on a vast scale perpetrated by Eritrean and Ethiopian troops .

    Why do UN, EU, and the rest of the international community chose to follow a stand off policy while children and their mothers, the most vulnerable member of every society, are condemned to die of hunger ?

    Considering the ongoing war and warcrimes committed on a daily basis in Tigray , there is a religious element or motivation exposed on the camera and mobile phones assuredly dictating the fact that perpetrators of these war crimes do involve in revealing thier religious motives by killing children, priests, monks , burning churches and raping nuns even if the religious motives are remained undetected and bear a lesser magnitude and extent for quite long time.

    Officials seen and heard refuting the religious motives of the actors of the genocide ; we have people of various religious background and deemed to avoid division among our society .

    Take a look at these people on the following article:

    The current church leaders of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo hurch (EOTC)and socalled mahibrekidusan( its literal translation could be « an association of Saints but doing sth uttrely the opposite), political organization disguised as a religious organization performing a youth minstery, should be replaced by a newly formed members of the church who are free from the current prospeity agenda. WE need to see fathers and church servants who was not supporting the massacre of people of Tigray and ethnic members if we want to work with EOTC as part of the teh sister Oriental Orthodox churches. The current EOTC and Mahibrekidusan excutive religious leaders are supporting and were supporting the war from its inception. FYI, most executive church leaders in these two religious entities are from Amhara .

    Sadly speaking, On the account of the war on Tigray , Ethiopia lost Tigray( the cradle of 3000 years history and civilization ,and, to top it off, Ethiopia is heading to dissolution!

    Mahibrekidusan is manipulating religion for its survival and inciting the entire christian population to involve in violence and attack non-christians and other ethnic members . This is the work of Amhara elites who hide themselves under the cloak of religion.

    Finally, I would like to urge the judiciary organ to bring those who waged war on our people and their supporters like AlMariam(Prof in US) and tiny foxes like Yosef Yitna who was instiling hate and snetiments of revenge on our people saying » ወያኔን መግደል ያፀድቃል-it is a righteous act to kill Woyane(TPLF) which refers to all Tegaru.
    ወያኔን ተጋሩ አንድ ናቸው፥ ለይተን አናያቸውም፥፥ ተጋሩ ወያኔን በጉያቸው ይዘው ቆይተዋል ፥አሳልፈው አለመስጠታቸው ለወያኔ ያላቸውን ድጋፋቸው ያሳያል እያሉ መላው ተጋሩ ላይ ጦርነት ሲያውጁ ቆይተው ጊዜና አጋዥ ባገኙ ጊዜ የጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ መፈፀም ጀምረዋል ፥፥ስለሆነም በተጋሩ ላይ ጦርነትን ና ግድያን የሚቀሰቅሱ ቃላትን ሲሰነዝሩ የነበሩና በዋናነት ቁሳዊና ሌላም ድጋፍ የሰጡ እንደ ዮሴፍ ይጥና ያሉ ሁሉ ለፍርድ ይቅረቡልን፥፥
    ጦርነቱን በዋናነት ባርከው የላኩና ድጋፍ እንዲደረግ ያነሳሱ ሁሉ ከሀላፊነት ተነስተው በሕግ ይጠየቁ፥፥በምትካቸው ከዚ ነፃ የሆኑ መሪዎች ይመረጡ፥፥ምም እንኳ የቤተክርስያን ሀላፊዎች ቢሆኑም መንግስት ጣልቃ መግባትና በምትካቸው ከለቲካ የፀዱ መዎች እንዲመረጡ ማድረግ አለበት፥፥የየትኛውም ብሔር ይሁን የቤተክርስያን ሀላፊዎች በሕዝባቸው ላይ ጦርነትን ከሰበቁና መርቀውከሰደዱ የ ሃይማናት አባቶች ተብለው ዳግመኛ አይደለም የደሉትን ሕዝብ በስሙ ሲጠቀሙበት የነበረ የአማራን ሆነ የሌላ ብሔር ማስተዳደር የለባቸውም፥፥ የኢትዮዽያን ቤተክርስያን ሲመሩ የነበሩ የግብፅ ዻዻስ ጦርነትን ሸሽተው ወደ ሀገራቸው ተመልሰዋል ነገር ግን ጦርነትን አልደገፉም፥፥የአሁኑ ግን ስንኳን ለተጋሩ ለሌላውም አማኝ አንገት የሚያስደፋ በቤተክርስያን ታሪክ ፈፅሞ ያልተነገረ ነው፥፥
    የማህበረ ቅዱሳን አባል የሆኑ ቀሲስ አስተርአየ የሚባሉ ካህን ቅዱስ አባታችንን አቡነ ማትያስን ጭንጋፍ ሲሉ ለመሳደብ ያለ አግባብ ፍትሐ ነገሥትን ሲጠቅሱ ተስተውለዋል፥፥

    “ወለእመ ተራድአ በመኳንንተ ዝንቱ ዓለም፡ወተሠይመ ለቤተ ክርስቲያን እምሃቤሆሙ ይትመተር ወይሰደድ ውእቱኒ ወኩሎሙ እለ ተሳተፍዎ”(ፍ።ነ። ፻፸፭=175) ማለትም፦ “በመንግስት ድጋፍ የተሰየመ ግለሰብ ጭንጋፍ ነው”።
    article was at deleted it now .

     ከሁሉም በኋላ እንደ ጭንጋፍ ለምሆን ለእኔ ደግሞ ታየኝ። 1ኛ ወደ ቆሮንቶስ ሰዎች – ምዕራፍ 15:8
    8 And last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time. I Cor. 15:8
    አንድ አገልጋይ በፍፁም ትህትና ሁሉን አክብሮ እንደ ዳዊት እኔ ትል ነኝ እያለ እንደ ቅ/ጳውሎስ እኔ ጭንጋፍ ነኝ እያለ በፍጹም ትህትና ያገለግላል። ሌሎችንም ሲመክር እንደ ቅ/ጳውሎስ በእንባ ሆኖ ለአገልግሎቱ እየሳሳ ያገለግላል :: This Priest , Kesis Asteraye, manipulated the Word of God for personal and political gain and insulting his Holiness «ጭንጋፍ” . Holy men endured all sorts of humilation, degradation, insults and slanders -temptations ;
    Blessed are you when they have insulted and persecuted you, and have said every cruel thing about you falsely for my sake. John 15:20.

    ከላይ በገፅ ፩፸፭ የተጠቀሰው ንባብ ቃል በቃል ሲተረጎም ከአለም ነገሥታት መኳንንት ጋር የተባበረ፥ከመካከላቸውም በቤክርስቲያን ውሥጥ የተሾመ ይለይ ይውጣ ፥፥
    ከዚህ ጋር የተባበሩ ና የተሳተፉ ሁሉ እንደ እርሱ ይለዩ ይውጡ፥፥ ይለይ ይሰደድ ይውጣ የሚል ትርጉም ነው የሚሰጠው፥፥የምስክር አፈታት ነው፥፥ መተረ የሚለው የግዕዝ ግስ ቆረጠ ሰየፈ ተብሎ ይተረጎማል፥ በመሰረቱ ቅዱስታው ከመሪዎች የተባበሩት እንዴት በምንና ለምን መቼ ነው ምንስ አደረጉ ተብሎ ለሚነሳ ጥያቄ መልስ መሰጠት ነበረበት፥፥የቤተክርስያናችንን ቅዱስ አባት ያለ አግባብ መዝለፍ ታላቅ በደል ነው፥፥ማህበረ ቅዱሳን ተብየዎቹ በጥቅማቸውና በስልጣን የመጣን አገልጋይ ሲያጠምዱ ሲከሱ ቆይተዋል ፥፥አሁንም በ ተላላኪዎቻቸው ዳንኤል ክስረትና ቀሲስ አስተርአየ ጽጌ ተራ የስድብ እሩምታን ያሰማሉ፥፥ አሁን ቤተክርስያናችንን እያስተዳደረ ካለው ሲኖዶስ የበለጠ መንግሥት ና የዘር ማጥፋት ሥራውን የደገፈ ብሎም መርቆ የሸኘ እያለ ቅዱስ አባታችንን ያለ አግባብ መሳደብ ተገቢ አይደለም፥፥ከአለም ነገሥታት መኳንንት ጋር የተባበረ የሚያሰኘው ስለ ክፉ ሥራ እንጂ ንግሥት እሌኒና ንጉሥ ቆስጠነጢኖስ፥ንጉስ ካሌብ እኮ በዘመናቸው ከነበሩ የሃይማኖት ታላላቅ አባቶች ጋር ይሰሩ ነበር፥
    እንደናንተ ያሉቱ መፅሐፍን ያለ ቦታው መጥቀስ ይችሉበታል፥ወኮነ አራቄ ለሐዲስ ኪዳን የሚለውን ከአረቄ መጠጣት ጋር ያያይዙታል፥በሐዲስ ኪዳን ሐዲስ ኪዳን ንከእኛና ከእርሱ ና ከባሕርይ አባቱ ከባሕርይ ሕይወቱ ከመንፈስ ቅዱስ ጋር አስታራቂ ሆነን ስለ ማለት ነበር የተገረው፥፥ በኀይለ ፅዮን ትግራይ ትስዕር አሜን !!

  3. LOck them up , up until they free our heroes

    May 16, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Amhara elites using christianity as a shield to get protection from the entire Christain Population by dividing us with religions as men use blocks to do so to set things apart. Why do Fanos of Gonder kill our priests , detsroy our churches and rape nuns living in nunnery ? do they forgot the fact that Tigray is a cradle of Christianity ?
    You defame Tigray and Tegaru as followers of 666 and TPLf as force of destruction against EOTC-Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. You manipulated every possible agenda for you to be able to get support from the entire tribes and christians. You befriend with UAE and Somalia to kill our children . Your agenda is to get support from Tegaru in the name of Orthodoxya nd christianity and attack Oromo. It will not work;
    delelte this article : by By A. Alemayehu under the title
    The Persecution of Christians in Ethiopia
    MAY 15, 2021 4
    Assassinations targeting Orthodox Christians )

    This article and slogan will make your entire population to pay the price . stop using this agenda ! We all are christians and we do respect muslims. We have many muslims in TIgray , Oromia and others regions . We live in peace and harmony

  4. corrupted amhara PP cadres

    May 16, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    ሙቶ ሚሊዮን ብር ምን ያረግላቸዋል ??፥አንድ ጦር ሜዳ ቆሥሎ የገባ ፋኖ ወደ መንደሩ ተመልሶ ምን ቢያረግ ጥሩ ነው??
    ፥እንደተለመደው ደብተራ ቤት መሮጌታውን ገብቶ የአበሻ መድሃኒት ሥጡኝ አለቻው፥እሳቸውም ተደናግጠው፥ቀበርቾ ታጠን አሉ፥ወተት አይጠጣም ፥መድሃኒቱ ይበርሳል አሉት፥፥ለሕክምና የተሰጠውን ገንዘብ ጠላ ቤት አመሻሸበት፥ይህን አድርጎል ብለው የደወሉልን የቀድሞ ወዳጃችን አሁን ጠላታችን መሆናቸው ፍንትው ብሎ የተገለጠልን የ አቶ በሸሻ ልጅ ነው፥፥ነፍሲና ማሩ ከሞተም ያቅልለት፥፥ለስርቆት እንጂ የአማራ ክልል ይህን ያህል በጀት አያስፈልውም፦፦

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