Response to President Biden’s Executive Order and EU’s Move for Action We, the undersigned, opposition parties in Tigray would like
One of the alarming features of the genocidal war waged on Tigray has been the unprecedented extent to which humanitarian
Weekly Briefing from the National Government of Tigray, October 05 2021 I. Humanitarian Aid Delivery  Status on the Delivery of
Think about where Abiy Ahmed was just two years ago and the pariah he is now, put his coronation in
Your Excellency Mr. Dyer, We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your visits to the Tigray region of
This is a slightly modified version of the message sent by PM Abiy Ahmed in December 2018 to the people
Weekly Briefing from the National Government of Tigray, September 22 2021. I. Humanitarian Concerns No food aid entered Tigray last
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On September 16, 2021, UN Ethiopia, on its official twitter account, expressed concern that aid trucks that had come to
In the seventh installment of TGHAT Forum, Khadijah Abdurahman joins Goitom Gebreluel and Patrick Wight to discuss the ideologies of
Hence, it is a day-to-day reality to see human sufferings, starvation & lack of medicines to preventable diseases. Besides, the
Editor's note: The following message is written by a graduating student. He reflects about his situation, about the hollowness and
The minimum bar that a UN investigation should clear is credibility among victims. Absent that, it does more damage than