Open Letter to HE Volkan Bozkir, asking for the 75th session of the General Assembly to pass a resolution on
One is entitled to believe the course of action the TDF is taking is not optimal. If that is the
This is an English language translation of a Facebook post penned by journalist Fitsum Berhane writing from Mekelle.
The way I see it, the Germans who hailed Hitler at his massive rallies didn’t know which side of history
The solider who filed the Mahber Dego Massacre, now a POW with the TDF, shares his account.
Million Samuel, the ambassador of Ethiopia to The Hague, Netherlands has abandoned the Abiy regime and fled to the United
Given the clear awareness of the gravity of the humanitarian crisis and the brutality of the siege, it was with
 In this episode, a special panel met to reflect on the celebration of Ashenda and new meanings behind the festivities
ኣብ ቀረባ እዋን አብ ከተማ ወልድያ ዝተርአየ ሕጋውን ወተሃደራውን ጉዳያት ዘልዕል፤ ነገራት ዘተሓላልኽ ዝመስል ተጓንፎ ከም መልዐሊ ብ ምግባር፤ አብ
My household assets (food and non-food commodities) have been looted. When I come back to my home from the mountain
Federal institutions like Ethio-telecom, Ethiopia Electric Power and Utility, banks, Human Rights Commission, Office of Ombudsman, Ethiopia Revenue and Customs
While fighting between TDF/TPLF and ENDF/Amhara Forces continued on several fronts, OLA extended occupation of rural areas in Oromia Region