Kahsay from Humera lost his house and all other possessions and he is now bedridden.
In a leaked document, Amhara Region asks the federal government for 100 million Birr reimbursement for expenses related to treating
All of these horrifying acts included in the definition of ethnic cleansing have been committed in Western Tigray.
A congress of churches & church-affiliated associations laments the majority of the Ethiopian people betrayed the people & church of
Will the world show the same compassion and heart that it demonstrated in 1984? Are there Tony Blair's whose lives
Graphic images taken from the phone of an Ethiopian soldier in Tigray reveal ENDF soldiers posing for photo's with the
Re: Legal and human rights protection for persons of Tigrayan origin especially in the security sector including the military, intelligence,
It has been more than  six months since the Ethiopian regime of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 Nobel Peace
Around 9 AM the Eritrean troops came to the church, asked the remaining congregants to stand in a file. They
A report (in Amharic) by the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Interim Government of Tigray paints a
The soldiers went to the Gulle Administration Office, they broke in and took something covered in a white sack. After
What made Cardinal Berhaneyesus stand against the people of Tigray? Why did he fail to condemn state-sponsored starvation and sexual