My household assets (food and non-food commodities) have been looted. When I come back to my home from the mountain
Federal institutions like Ethio-telecom, Ethiopia Electric Power and Utility, banks, Human Rights Commission, Office of Ombudsman, Ethiopia Revenue and Customs
While fighting between TDF/TPLF and ENDF/Amhara Forces continued on several fronts, OLA extended occupation of rural areas in Oromia Region
The Government of the National State of Tigray unequivocally denounces all atrocities perpetrated against civilians, calls for UN-mandated independent investigation
To: Call to Action on Protection from GBV in Emergencies Partners  Re: Leaked Audio of UN Representatives and Chiefs of
The below is a summary and translation (with subtitled video excerpts) of the interview that Dr. Tewodros Tafera gave to
I. Humanitarian Concerns  Humanitarian workers have not been able to take advantage of the improved road access internally as road
On this episode of Tghat Forum, Teklai Gebremichael was joined by Temesgen Kahsay to discuss in depth the issues raised
Emperor Yohannes IV Palace/Museum is one of the cultural properties targeted in the war on Tigray as part of a
During his first state visit to Mekelle, the capital of Tigray, Abiy Ahmed said: “Ethiopia without Tigray is as meaningless
The Tigray government expects the Abiy regime to take the preconditions for ceasefire seriously. In the absence of a political
This analysis of data collected on 3000 civilian victims identified so far looks at what the numbers and demographics tell