Graphic Images taken from another Ethiopian soldier stationed in Tigray before the retreat of ENDF in June.
The Government of Tigray would like to once again request the unfettered delivery of emergency assistance by air and the
In the fourth installment of TGHAT Forum, Dr. Goitom Gebreluel moderates a discussion with Professor Mukesh Kapila and Dr. Patrick
Sentences passed on members of the Armed Forces who supported the aims of the terrorist TPLF while it committed cruel
The humanitarian crisis in Tigray – when will the international community stop commentating and take action?
Western Tigray is a scene of of crime: ethnic cleansing, forced removal, massacres, executions and throwing people to the Tekeze
When Abiy Ahmed told the nation that he had pulled his troops out of Mekelle so that farmers of Mekelle
Tigray government logo
Abiy Ahmed has committed the act of treason by colluding with foreign forces to commit genocide on the people of
Federal and Afar police started raiding their hotel rooms, beating them, confiscating their property and money and detaining them without
The following quote, translated from Amharic, is attributable to Agegnehu Teshager, the President of the Regional State of Amhara. He
This is a full English translation of an address to the press released by the Prime Minister’s office on June
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