Looting, possible war crimes, destruction of property and historical sites: testimonies from Tigray, a province at war since 4 November,
According to a report by an NGO worker in north western Tigray, received by Jan Nyssen on 5 February 2021,
ህዝቢ፡ ኣብ ዙርያ  መቐለ ናብ ዘለዋ ኸባብታት ከይዱ ካብ ዘዕቘበለን ቦታታት  ናብ መቐለ ዝተመለሰ፡ ኵነታት ናብ ንቡር ስለ  ዝተመለሰ ኣይነበረን። 
The interviewee also added that he counted 70 priests that have been killed. He also said the Eritrean soldiers deliberately
ከም ዝፍለጥ ሕዱር ፀላእቲ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ኣብ ዝሓለፉ ሰለስተ ዓመታት ትንፋስ ረኺቦም ምስ ኣንሳእረሩ ትግራይ ምድዓኽን ምድኻምን ፈላማይ ተግባሮም ጌሮም
It has been almost three months since the unelected Ethiopian government officially declared a total war against the people of
Author's note: After months in the wilderness Tigray President Debretsion on 29 January 2021 issued a statement via Dimtsi Weyane
19 ሕዳር 2013 መቐለ  ህዝቢ ኣብ ኸቢድ ውጥረትን ጭንቀትን ዝወዓለሉ ፀልማት መዓልቲ እዩ። ህዝቢ መቐለ ሐዚ ደምሰሱና ሐዚ ጠፋእና እናበለ
Mekelle Martyrs monument
Editor's Note: with the raging war and the withdrawal of the Tigray regional government and its troops (TDF) from its
With this historical reality in mind and in light of what we know of the current conflict in Tigray it
በካራ አና ተፅፎ በ Horn Anarchists ተተረጎመ ናይሮቢ፣ ኬንያ      እጅግ ከደከሙ ስደተኞች፣ በአጨዳ ወቅት አፋፍ ላይ እስከ ተቃጠሉ ሰብሎች ድረስ
ብዕለት 19/04/2013 ዓ/ም ካብ ከተማ ሽረ ናብ ሑመራ ዝመፃእኹም፡ ሑመራ ሰላም ስለ ዝኾነት ንዓድኹም ተመለሱ ኢሎም ብ 6ተ ተስሓብቲ መኻይን