People with NCDs are dying at home due to lack of basic health services and medications such as insulin, antihypertensive,
The bullet that hit Berhe entered on his left side and exited on his right side, destroying both of his
Abiy's grand lies are always to deflect international pressure and they have always worked for him. There are no scruples
Editor’s note: The author of this article is a professional who had witnessed the war in Shire and previously sent
Allowing Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, itself a partner-in-crime, and genocide co-author, to be a party in investigating war crimes and
Thus, we would like to ask this respected organization to distance itself from a joint investigation with the EHRC and
The War on Tigray has been characterized by the Ethiopian government’s deceitful attempts to control the narrative. Throughout the war,
A letter of concern on the crisis in Tigray and on the involvement of H. E. Cardinal Berhaneyesus Souraphiel (Head
In general, the Tigrayan people have been deprived of medical care, telephone, electricity, transport, internet, banking, and all basic services
GSTS call on UN reverse its decision to accept the Ethiopian Government’s Request for the UN to conduct a joint
Just like we stopped marking the Battle of Dogali and commemorating Ras Alula because Dogali is now part of Eritrea
And so, having already planted this "notice", the regime seems bent on devastating Tigray and then blaming it on the