It has been very difficult to obtain an eyewitness account of the war on Tigray due to the communication blackout,
A gruesome massacre was committed by the invading forces at Aksum's Maryam Tsion church. The massacre took place when the
The communication blackout has made it almost impossible for people to get a picture of the destruction of the war
Two massacres have been committed since the start of 2021 by the invading forces on civilian Tigrayans. One of the
Numerous massacres in different locations have been reported since the start of the war on Tigray. The Mai Kadra massacre
This is a summary from a preprint paper by Jan Nyssen. The paper first notes the closure of services, starvation
Women raped in Mekelle Soldiers and police in Mekelle, home to half a million people, have expressed concerns about insecurity,
Eritrea’s shadow war on Tigray laid bare Major General Belay Seyoum, the head of the Ethiopian army's northern division, admitted
29 Nov., 2020. Second day in hiding. We have decided to leave our hideout and return to Mekelle. We are
Residents of Mekelle are engulfed in a deep state of anxiety and apprehension. People are coiled up in their places
Acting Mayor of Mekelle, Ataklti Haileselassie
Charges, interrogations, speeches and acts by government officials show that the Abiy government considers close to three million Tigrayans who