Since November 4, 20202, when Abiy Ahmed announced the start of the war on Tigray, Tigray has been in a
People across Ethiopia who opened their bank accounts in Tigray find their accounts frozen. They can not withdraw or transfer
Dear friends, this post is quite personal to me. Please read to the end. Note well that the stories below
Assena TV reports the Isaias regime ordered Adi Kuala (Eritrea) residents to go and loot Rama, a Tigrayan town. Rama
To support his war on Tigray, Abiy Ahmed called on Ethiopians to applaud for the military aggression on Tigray. The
"They ask you, with a gun pointed at you, if you belong to Tigrayan forces," he said. "At the slightest
The following letters (dated November 12, 2020) from the Ethiopian Embassy in Berlin call on Ethiopians to contribute to the
In response to Abiy Ahmed's call for his support for his war on Tigray, themed "I stand with the Defense
"According to the oral order we received to force Tigrayans to take leave owing to the current situation in the
Ethiopian police visited a U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) office in Amhara region to request a list of ethnic Tigrayan