Ethnic harassment against Tigrayans
The following excerpt is from today's article in the New York Times. These seemingly anecdotal stories barely scratch the surface
It is not enough to keep Tigray under total communication blackout in order for its story not to be heard.
BBC Newshour has been covering the war on Tigray. The programs are available for some time after which they are
Tigrayan Refugees in Sudan
On the 38th day since the war on Tigray started, the complete information blackout continues. The deaths of aid workers,
A Tigrayan social media campaign "the flag the face" is trending on twitter. The campaign is about juxtaposing the Tigrayan
The podcast was recorded on 9 December 2020. Source:
For Shewa, the war on Tigray is about subjugating Tigray for Shewan rule. There have been a Tigray-Shewa rivalry Since
It has been 37 days since Abiy Ahmed waged war on Tigray, inviting the Amhara militia and youth vigilantes who
An eye witness to the Zalambessa's horrific massacre of Tigrayans committed by the Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers tells the story.
On Monday December 7, 2020, the "Ministry of Peace" of Ethiopia conducted a virtual fundraising event for the war on
Tigray government logo
n a statement issued on Dec. 02, 2020, the Tigray Government accuses the combined forces of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias
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