Amid Misinformation and Suppressed Free Speech, Ethiopian Conflict Erodes Abiy's Credibility   Abiy’s claims that not a single civilian was killed
OCHA's Briefing Highlights The southern Tigray inter-agency assessment mission has concluded, and findings from Chirchir district in Alamata show that
‘My country in trouble’: WHO chief on Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict
‘My country in trouble’: WHO chief on Tigray conflict One of today's top stories related to the war on Tigray
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Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 36 - 25 December Report that around 280 Priests of Tigrai origin have been imprisoned
As you celebrate christmas surrounded by your loved ones, I kindly request you to remember the millions of innocent Tigrayans
It’s Not Safe to Return to Ethiopia Despite the Ethiopian government's announcement that fighting in Tigray is over, many of
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Tigray is on the brink of enormous humanitarian disaster Stijn Vercruysse, VRT reporter Western Tigray: They are really on the
Despite denials by Ethiopia, multiple reports confirm killings, looting and forcible return of refugees by Asmara’s forces. 'Slaughtered like chickens'
'How we survivied when Mekelle was shelled' A son orphaned, a daughter lying in a coma, an elderly woman killed